"full of sun, laughter and celebration"

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"full of sun, laughter and celebration"

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Coco Mademoiselle a sassy and young spirited fragrance...Micheal for women extends thier product selection for the boby...

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  1. Summer 2002 A Publication of Alexander Perfumes & Cosmetics... "Where Your Beauty is Our Business" “full of sun, laughter and celebration” Just in time for Father’s Day: Lancaster: All About Fun and Sun The new Gentleman’s Givenchy Acknowledged as the undis- Givenchy Pour Homme. puted tanning specialist, Lancaster An innovative scent that is light owes its sun expertise to more than years away from the traditional fifty years of skin science, research woody freshness of older, mascu- and technology. The result? A com- prehensive range of suncare products line fragrances. Givenchy Pour that gives you access to the very best Homme is a fascinating study of the sun has to offer, and the ultimate contrasts. It is light, cool, sparkling, Lancaster golden tan! and fresh as well as sensual, long- Let go... let Lancaster prepare, lasting, warm, and addictive. protect and pamper you with a com- Beginning with its top notes bination of textures (creams, lotions, of grapefruit , tangerine and cori- gels) and an extensive selection of ander then capturing the heart of sun protection factors. the fragrance with davana fruit and From suncare to sunblock, vetiver, and finally ending in a from aftersun to selftan, Lancaster base of woody notes of olibanum wants you to indulge in a deep golden tan, you deserve it! and cedar, Givenchy Pour Homme is an inclusion of fruit and vertiver. Pebble Martini Candles The bottle is designed to be a high-tech and an aerodynamic Simple elegance defines Table of Contents these handsome single mar tini concept. Elliptically shaped, the candles. Presented in small sized bottle is covered in a burgundy Darphin and Valmont Specials mar tini glasses, these pebble page 3 case with a spray-through cap. candles are a Remaining in true wonderful addi- Make-Up Tips Givenchy style, Givenchy Pour tion to your cof- page 2 Homme introduces a new sexier fee table. Per- gentleman with a sense of humor. fect for year- Stop the Burn! round entertain- page 3 ing. Available in Blend: Citrus-Woody gold, silver, Notes: Citrus Fruit, Exotic Warmer Days... Lighten up! white and black, Spices, Woods page 2 scented of Hya- Style: Modern, Masculine cinth and Your Daily Source of Moisture Jasmin. Ranges from $17 to $52. $21.00 page 3
  2. 2 For those warmer days, Make-Up tips try something a little lighter: for J’Adore by Christian Dior in a light subtle Summer Summer fun fragrance or try the fragrance in a sparkling body powder. Make your Prom, Grad Night, Summer Fiestas and Weddings Fahrenheit by Chrisian Dior. Available in a unforgetable with these sum- Summer fragrance. Notes of citrus, mer makeup tips and tools of sandalwood and amber. the trade. 1. First start with some Mavala eye Coco Mademoiselle a sassy drops. Used by all the top makeup art- and young spirited fragrance. ists. Mavala blue eye drops bring out Completely new from the origi- the whites in your eyes and relieve nal, Coco Chanel. them from stress and fatique. Perfect for pictures! 2. Then, use a quick spray of ERA More from Michael FIX your MASCARA! foundation. A spray-on foundation that leaves your skin looking flawless, as Michael for men now offers a multi- if airbrushed. Use it for the face and tude of products. A value gift set that Clarins introduces the first water- body, it is water resistance, so feel includes a 3.4oz Eau de Toilette and proofing gel for the lashes to be free to dance the night away. a 3.4oz After Shave for only $65! A applied over your mascara. Facial Bronzer ($25) an unscented 3. And feel assured that your eyeliner sweatproof color enhancer. Use it as Simply magic! A totally transparent and mascara will stay in place with a quick tan! Also new by Michael for and supple Fix Mascara water- Clarins’ new waterproof eyeliner in men is a Hair and Body Shampoo proofs your favorite mascara. Long- three shades; and fix mascara. ($25) and a Body Soap Bar ($20) lasting results that is easy to apply Clarins’ new waterproofing seal for and easy to remove. $16.50. your regular mascara. 4. Then, sprinkle on your J’Adore dusting powder; the shimmer and Michael for women extends their F.Y.I. shine on your shoulders and back will not only set you out in the crowd, but product selection for the body. We’ll enlighten everyone’s senses. • Just arrived, new purse quickly mention them here: a Bare atomizers, accessories and Foot and Hand Cream in a tube 3.4oz 5. Finally, for high shine and gloss, try cosmetic cases from Europe. Christian Dior’s Plastic Shine. It will $25; a highly moisturizing Bath Cream soak up Michael in the tub for $55; a make your lips look irrestible. richly textured Body Cream for $100; • New Store Hours for the a sea-salt and almond oil Body Pol- Summer: 6. Oh yes, almost forgot. Put on isher in a jar $55; and finally, the fun Mon. - Wed.: 9am to 6pm Swarovski’s crystal tattoos on your and shimmering Leg Shine $30. Try Thurs.-Sat.: 9am to 7pm face and body to jazz up your shoul- any of these products to complement Sundays: 11am to 5pm ders or eyes. You will be in the lime- your Michael fragrance. light all evening! To Order: www.BeautyAndScents.com
  3. 3 Stop It’s Raining Moisture at Darphin the Burn! Darphin has discovered a unique Take a look at this impressive combination of natural plant extracts which collection of sunblocks, all with an promotes the optimum level of hydration. abudance of antioxidant com- plexes. HYDRASKIN your daily source of moisture Lancaster SPF 30 Highly Protection Cream The Hydraskin system features Hydraskin Light for normal to combination Why? Hydrators protect the skin skin, Hydraskin Rich for normal to dry skin, from dehydration, and includes a calming complex and Hydraskin Night for all skin conditions Active Ingredient: Oxybezone as a night cream. The Hydraskin line contains Darphin Cogongrass, which is rich in Potassium and SPF 30 Ultra Protection Cream maintains water in the heart of the cells. It also contains Vegetal Fresh Cells, which Why? Pseudo-ceramide and release oligoelements and vitamins to help vegetal psuedo-collagen help pre- preserve cellular balance. vent premature aging The Hydraskin products starts at $70 Active Ingredient: Octyl and are perfect for someone just beginning Methoxycinnamate a serious skincare routine or someone who is looking for advancement from a more ba- Clarins sic line, such as Clinique or Origins. SPF 30 Sun Wrinkle Cream Why? To safeguard your skin’s youthful qualities Summer Specials and New Products Active Ingredient: Octocrylene The Swiss Skincare Exper ts at While Valmont have made a terrific travel supplies last Clarins kit available for you: A full size purchase Regenetic Cream along with travel SPF 30 Sun Care Cream Darphin’s Body Profil Slimming Gel and sizes of their White Falls, Vital Falls receive a 1oz Body and Kora O Neal’s Renewing Secret Why? For children and sun- all in a convenient travel pouch. $150. Profil sensitive skins Slimming Oil Active Ingredient: Octyl free! Methoxycinnamate For a Limited Time After being available only for the Eu- Enjoy Phytomer ropean market, Darphin has finally Swarovski Jewelry SPF 30 Absolute Solar Protection brought their Scented Candle to the States. Darphin’s Scented Candle at releases lovely floral and green 15% off Why? Enriched with Heliotropin, an notes that evoke Darphin’s Eau de (no special orders) natural purified extract, protecting cellular heritage Beaute. 20 hours of subtle fragrance Active Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide for your home. $40. To Order Call 1-800-326-1632
  4. 4 Over For Her: AV, Acqua di Gio, Aimez-moi, Aire Loewe, Alexandra, Alfred Sung, Amouage, Amarige, Anais Anais, Angel, Animale, Annick Goutal, Aqaba, Aqua Allegoria, Aroma Allegoria, Arpege, Azzura, Be21, Babydoll, 4 50 Bal a Versailles, Balmain de Balmain, Bellodgia, Bill Blass, BLV, Birmane, Blonde, Boucheron, Bulgari, Burberry, By, Byblos, Byzance, Cabochard, Cabotine, Calandre, Caleche, Carolina Herrera, Carrera, Casmir, Cassini, fragrances Ce Soir ou Jamais, Celine, Chamade, Champs Elysees, Chanel 5, 19, Chaumet, Cheap and Chic, Chloe, Christian La Croix, Climat, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, Coeur de Raisin, Collection, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Coolwater, Coriandre, Creed, Cristalle, D&G, Deep Red, Desire, for women and men Dioressence, Diorissimo, Diva, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Vita, D’Orsay, Dune, Eau de Cartier, Eau de Charlotte, Eau de Givenchy, Eau d’Hadrien, Eau d’Orlane, Eau de Patou, Eau de Rochas, Eau de Sud, For Him: A*men, Acqua di Gio, Altitude, Amouage, Aqua Di Eau Dynamisante, Eclix, Eden, Elysium, Emotion, Emporio Elle, Empreinte, Selva, Aqua Lavanda, Armani, Azzaro, Bel Ami, Blue Jeans, Bois Enigma, Envy, Escada, Fath de Fath, Femme, Fendi, Fidji, First, Fleur du Portugal, Boss, Boucheron, Bulgari, By, Carolina Herrera, Caron, d’Eau, Fleur d’Orlane, Fleurissimo, Fleurs de Rocaille, Flower, Fracas, Carrera, Casran, Casual Friday, Celine, Chanel, Chaumet, Chevalier, Fragile, G-Giorgio, Galore, Gardenia Passion, Gem, Gianfranco Ferre, Gianni Chrome, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Coolwater Coriolan, Creed, D&G, , Versace, Giorgio, Givenchy III, GFF, Glamourous, Goodlife, Grain de Fo- d-Dunhill, D’Orsay, Dark Blue, Davidoff, Declaration, Desire, Dolce lie, Grand Amour, Habanita, Hanae Mori, Hip, Hiris, Hot Couture, Hyp- & Gabbana, Dreamer Drakkar Noir, Dunhill, Dupont, Eau de Cartier , , notic Poison, Iceberg Twice, Il Bacio, Image, Infini, Initial, IO, Irisia, Eau de Hadrien, Eau de Monsieur, Eau de Rochas, Eau de Sud, Issey Miyake, Ivoire, J’adore, J’ai Ose, Jaipur Jardins de Bagatelle, Jasmal, , Eau d’Orange Verte, Eau Sauvage, Emporio Lui, Envy, Equipage, Je Reviens, Jean Louis Scherrer, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jessica McClintock, Escada, Faconnable, Fahrenheit, Ferrari #1, Gendarme, Gianni JIL, Jil Sander 3, 4, Jivago, Joop, Joy, Jungle, KL, Kenzo, Kumquat, La Versace, Givenchy Gentleman, Goodlife, Grabazzi, Greenwater, Perla, Lady Caron, Lalique, Lancaster, L’Air du Temps, Lauren, L’Eau par Green Irish Tweed, Habit Rouge, Halston, Heritage, Hermes, Kenzo, Le Baiser, Le Feu d’Issey, Le Roy Soleil, L’Heure Bleue, L’Interdit, Higher Hugo Boss, Iceberg Twice, Image, Imperiale, Issey Miyake, , Lolita Lempicka, Lou Lou, Ma Griffe, Mackie, Madame Rochas, Madness, Jaipur, Jako, Jazz, Jean Paul Gaultier, Joop, Jungle, Kenzo, Kouros, Mahora, Mania, Manifesto, Marc Jacobs, Mariella Burani, Michael, Miss Krizia Uomo,L’Anarchiste, L’Eau par Kenzo, Lalique, Lalique Blue, Dior, Mitsouko, Molinard de Molinard, Montana, Moschino, Muguet de Lanvin, Live Jazz, Lolita Lempicka, Michael, Monsieur Balmain, Mon- Bonheur, Must de Cartier, Mystere, Nacre, Nahema, Niki de St. Phalle, sieur Givenchy, Mont Blanc, Montana, Moustache, Must de Cartier, Noa, Nocturnes, Norell, Nu, Nuit de Noel, Opium, Organza, Organza Nemo, Opium, Oxygene, Paco Rabanne, Pasha, Pi, Pino Silvestre, Indecence, Oscar de la Renta, Oxygen, Paloma Picasso, Panthere, Polo Sport, Quasar, Rocabar, Rochas Man, Roger & Gallet, Roma, Paris, Parfum d’Ete, Perle de Silences, Petite Cherie, Pheromone, Romance, Royal Secret, Royal Water, Rush, Salvatore Ferragamo, Phytom, Polo Sport, Premier Jour, Quartz, Quelques Fleurs, Quelques Sander Santos, Sexual, Signoricci, Silver Mountain Water, Smalto, , Roses, Quelques Violettes, Ralph, Red Jeans, Rive Gauche, Rococo, Swiss Army, Tabac, Tabarome, Thierry Mugler, Time for Peace, Roger & Gallet, Roma, Romance, Romeo Gigli, Rouge Hermes, Royal Touch, Tsar, Ulysse, V-Gendarme, Van Cleef & Arpels, Very Bain de Champagne, Royal Secret, Royal Water, Rush, Rush 2, Safari, Valentino, Vetiver, What About Adam?, Wings, X-Centric, Xeryus, Samsara, Scherrer 2, Sensations, Sentiment, Sexual, Shalimar, Silences, XS, YSL, Zino, 212, 273, 1881, 4711. So Pretty, Soir de Paris, Spring Flower, Sublime, Tabac Blond, Tamango, Tea Rose, Terracotta, Tiare, Tilleul, Time for Peace, Tocade, Touch, For Everyone: Darphin, Valmont, Christian Dior, Clarins, Tresor, Ubar, Ultraviolet, Un Amour, V’E, Valentino, Van Cleef, Versace Lancaster, Orlane, Terme di Saturnia, Alexandra de Markoff, Ingrid Woman, Very Valentino, Vanisia, Vice Versa, Wish, Y, Yendi, Yin, Yohji Millet, Phytomer, Kora O Neal, GlyDerm, Biodroga, Jan Marini, Yamamoto, Ysatis, Yvresse, 1000, 1881, 212, 273, 24 Faubourg, 2000 Badedas, Kristal, Imaginez, Mavala, Barielle, Rene Furterer, J.F. Fleurs. Lazartique, Soap Rocks, Era Spray-on Foundation. Page 2 Summer Make-up Tips email: service@BeautyAndScents.com www.BeautyAndScents.com 1-800-326-1632 Ph:(858)454-2292 Fax:(858)454-8705 7914 Girard Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037 SAN DIEGO, CA PERMIT 751 PAID U.S. POSTAGE PRSRT STD


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