Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide

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Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide

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  1. Appendix Acronym and Abbreviation B Expansion Guide Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  2. 570 Appendix B Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide A cronyms and abbreviations are part of the computer business. Below, you will find a list of acronyms and abbreviations that are used in the com- puter industry and can be found throughout this book. On the right-hand side of this list, you will find the common expansion of each. ACL Access Control List ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASP Active Server Pages AVI Audio Visual Interleaved bash Bourne Again Shell BDC backup domain controller BNC Bayonet Neill Concelman, Bayonet Nut Connector, or British Naval Connector BSD Berkeley Software Distribution CA certification authority CGI Common Gateway Interface CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing CIR Committed Information Rate COM Component Object Model CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network CPU central processing unit CSMA/CA carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DBMS Database Management Systems Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  3. Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide 571 DCOM Distributed Component Object Model DDS Dataphone Digital Service (also used for Digital Data Storage and Digital Data Service) DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DLL Dynamic Link Library DLT digital linear tape DMZ demilitarized zone DNS Domain Name Services DOD Department of Defense DOS denial of service dpi dots per inch DSL Digital Subscriber Line DTD document type definition DUN Dial-Up Networking DVD digital video disc or digital versatile disk EMI electromagnetic interference EPS Encapsulated PostScript ERP Enterprise Resource Planning FDM frequency division multiplexing FTP File Transfer Protocol FTPd File Transfer Protocol Daemon GIF Graphics Interchange Format GSNW Gateway Services for NetWare GUI graphical user interface HDSL High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line HP Hewlett-Packard Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  4. 572 Appendix B Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide HTML Hypertext Markup Language HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTPd Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon IAB Internet Architecture Board IBM International Business Machines IE Internet Explorer IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IHL Internet Header Length IIS Internet Information Server INND Internet News Daemon IPX Internetwork Packet eXchange IPX/SPX Internetwork Packet eXchange/Sequenced Packet eXchange IRQ interrupt request lines IRTF Internet Research Task Force ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ISO International Organization for Standardization ISP Internet Service Provider JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JVM Java Virtual Machine LAN local area network LCP Link Control Protocol LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol MAC media access control MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  5. Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide 573 MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group MSAU multistation access unit MX mail exchange NADN nearest active downstream neighbor NAUN nearest active upstream neighbor NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications NDS Novell Directory Services NetBEUI NetBIOS Enhanced User Interface NetBIOS Network Basic Input Output System NIC network interface card NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol NOS network operating system OEM original equipment manufacturer OS operating system OSI Open Systems Interconnection OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier PDC primary domain controller PGP Pretty Good Privacy PHP Hypertext Preprocessor PNG Portable Network Graphics POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3 POTS Plain Old Telephone Service ppi pixels per inch PPP Point-to-Point Protocol PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  6. 574 Appendix B Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide PVC permanent virtual circuit QoS Quality of Service RAM random access memory RFC Request for Comments RFI radio frequency interference RIP Routing Information Protocol RISC reduced instruction set computing RJ Registered Jack SAM Security Accounts Manager SCSI Small Computer System Interface SDSL Single Line Digital Subscriber Line SET Secure Electronic Transactions SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SOP standard operating procedures SPARC Scalable Processor ARChitecture SPX Sequenced Packet eXchange SQL Structured Query Language SSL Secure Sockets Layer STP shielded twisted-pair Tcl Tool Command Language TCP Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TDM time division multiplexing Telnet Terminal Emulation for Networks TIFF Tagged Image File Format Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  7. Acronym and Abbreviation Expansion Guide 575 TM Trademark TOS Type of Service UDP User Datagram Protocol UID user ID URL Uniform Resource Locator USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office UTP unshielded twisted-pair VDSL Very High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line VPN virtual private network VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language WINS Windows Internet Name Service WSH Windows Script Host WWW World Wide Web XML eXtensible Markup Language Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.


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