Advanced DSP and Noise reduction P15

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Advanced DSP and Noise reduction P15

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CHANNEL EQUALIZATION AND BLIND DECONVOLUTION 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 15.5 15.6 15.7 Introduction Blind-Deconvolution Using Channel Input Power Spectrum Equalization Based on Linear Prediction Models Bayesian Blind Deconvolution and Equalization Blind Equalization for Digital Communication Channels Equalization Based on Higher-Order Statistics Summary lind deconvolution is the process of unravelling two unknown signals that have been convolved. An important application of blind deconvolution is in blind equalization for restoration of a signal distorted in transmission through a communication channel. Blind equalization has a wide range of applications, for example in digital telecommunications for removal of intersymbol interference, in speech recognition for removal of...

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