Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12

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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12

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  1. Unit 13 : THE 22nd  SEA GAMES PRACTICE TEST  I. Phonetics A.  Choose   the   word   which   has   the   underlined   part   pronounced   differently  from the rest 1. A. polo B. lottery C. popular D. dolphin 2. A. smooth B. breathe C. youth D. southern 3. A. chorus B. match C. toothache D. orchestra B. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest 4. A. reunite B. eternal C. advantage D. impressive 5. A. technology B. population C. improvement D. spectacular II. Vocabulary and Grammar Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C, and D) one best answer. 6. I don’t know why he isn’t here at the moment. He …………… stuck in the traffic jam. A. must get B. may be C. should be D. must have got 7. Never agree ………….. something you know to be wrong. A. doing B. to do C. you will do D. that will do 8. The place ………… good films is the Odeon Cinema. A. to see B. seeing C. can see D. we see 9. It was my secretary …………… sent the document to Mr. Smith. A. that B. who C. whom D. A & B 10. They spent a lot of money ………….. their children with the best education. A. providing B. provided C. to provide D. on providing 11. I just bought ………….. new shirt and some new shoes ……….. shirt is quite expensive but the price of ………….. shoes are reasonable. A. a/A/ the B. a/ The/ a C. the/ The/ the D. a/ The/ the 12. I would like to thank my supervisor, …………. I would never have finished my work. A. with whom B. with him C. with his help D. without  whom 13. Don’t spend time ………….. about things that may never happen. A. worried B. worrying C. to worry D. and worry 14. Never …………. I experienced such a storm since I was a child. A. had B. have C. did D. was 15. We need …………… information about this English course. A. far B. farther C. further D. most of 16. Don’t drink ___________ wine. It’s bad for your health. A. many of B. a few of C. so much D. many 17. ___________ my students are familiar with this kind of school activities. A. Most B. Most of C. A few D. Few 18. The news ____________ bad last night. A. were B. are C. is D. was 19. I ____________ my sun glasses today because the sun is very strong. A. wear B. wears C. am wearing D. have wearing 20. There …………… furniture in our living room. A. is too much B. is too many C. are too much D. are too many 21. In 1941, the AAU officially accepted synchronized swimming as a ………... sport for team events. A. competition B. competitive C. competent D. competitively 22. Sports enthusiasts from other countries were greatly ……………. with the spirits of the 22nd SEA GAMES held in Vietnam. A. impressed B. enjoyed C. achieved D. applauded
  2. 23. Modern technology used in the 22nd SEA GAMES helped increase the ……………. of the results of the competitions. A. correction B. precision C. right D. unity nd 24. The 22 SEA GAMES were ………….. prepared and …………… organized in Vietnam. A. good/ successful B. well/ successful C. good/ successfully D.   well/  successfully 25. Thanks to the …………. talent and determination, the Vietnamese women’ s football team won the final match. A. suitable B. supportive C. adventurous D. overwhelming 26. The Vietnam’s success in the 22nd SEA GAMES has proved that we can organize sporting events ……………. an international level. A. at B. in C. on D. with 27. In this great event, many games were …………. to international levels. A. next B. about C. close D. nearly 28. All athletes were …………. to get the best results in competitions. A. tried B. promised C. impressed D. determined 29. The strongest …………….. in Southeast Asia’s men’s football is Thailand. A. rival B. host C. coach D. supporter 30. The Chinese volleyball team was widely ……… for it excellent performance in the final match A. believed B. considered C. admired D. appreciated III. Find the underlined part in each sentence that should be corrected. 31. (A) On July 2000, sixty-one provinces and cities (B) throughout Vietnam had completed (C) the programme (D) of Illiteracy Eradication. 32. I cannot afford (A) to buy (B) a car at the moment but (C) thinking of (D) taking the driving license. 33. (A) Help (B) the elderly (C) is (D) what volunteers often do. 34. (A) It is (B) pleasant (C) to wake up and listen to the traffic (D) move in the street. 35. I prefer the party (A) hold in a garden (B) to a bar (C) where (D) the air is stuffy. IV. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answers. Synchronised swimming, which is sometimes called water ballet, emerged as an exhibition sport at the Olympic Games from 1948 to 1968, then debuted as a full medal sport at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. It is open only to women, with medals offered in two events: duet and team. Competitions for both events consist of a technical routine and a free routine, each performed to music within a time limit. Judges of each routine assess a high degree of difficulty and risk, flawless execution and seemingly effortless performance. Besides demanding strength, endurance, flexibility, grace and artistry, it requires exceptional breath control. Special equipment helps the women maintain the illusion of effortlessness when they perform strenuous movements upside down and underwater while holding their breath. A nose clip prevents water from entering the nose, allowing the swimmers to remain underwater for long periods. Most importantly, an underwater speaker lets the swimmers hear the music clearly while underwater, helping them achieve the split-second timing critical to synchronized swimming. 36. synchronized swimming was considered an official sport tournament at A. the 1948 Olympic Games B. the 1968 Olympic Games C. the 1980 Olympic Games D. the 1984 Olympic Games 37. Synchronised swimming is a kind of water sport A. for women only B. with two or more players. C. which is performed to music D. All of them are correct 38. Special skill each player of this sport must have is
  3. A. breath control B. flawless execution C. risk D. strenuous movements 39. The success of a performance of synchronized swimming comes from A. performing ballet underwater with a team B. bringing competitors the illusion of effortlessness while they perform  strenuous movements C. using the nose clip properly D. the assessment of the judges 40. To finish their performance during limited time A. the team mustn’t make any mistakes. B. technical routine receives high points from the judges. C. an underwater speaker helps the player listen to music clearly D. the players must stay in the water longer than usual. V. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase Yesterday, Eleanor Preston won an international swimming competition for girls (41) …………. under sixteen. She swam faster (42) …………. girls from ten other countries. This (43) ………... even better when you learn that Elenor is only thirteen. She had to have special (44) ………….. to enter, because normally competitors are fourteen or older. Eleanor has been (45) …………… on swimming for a long time – (46) …………… she was three in fact. I wonder whether she found it hard to (47) ………… several hours a day training. She (48) ………….. me that sometimes she has problems finding time for homework, but that’s all. “My parents have given up so (49) …………… time driving me to local competitions, I think it’s been harder for them, actually.” Her aim is to swim at the Olympic Games. After yesterday’s performance, I think she may (50) …………….. there. 41. A. age B. ages C. aged D. ageing 42. A. of B. than C. from D. that 43. A. sounds B. shows C. means D. suggests 44. A. attention B. permission C. opportunity D. accommodation 45. A. happy B. good C. pleased D. keen 46. A. until B. since C. when D. ever 47. A. use B. take C. spend D. pass 48. A. told B. said C. agreed D. explained 49. A. often B. long C. many D. much 50. A. find B. make C. get D. reach __________________________________________________________________________________
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