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Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 2

Chia sẻ: Immor Tertle | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:6

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Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 2

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Tham khảo tài liệu 'bộ đề thi tiếng anh 2', ngoại ngữ, anh ngữ phổ thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

Chủ đề:

Nội dung Text: Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 2

  1. b. begins c. ending d. or --> c 135. You can see a lot of childs running and jumping in the snow or playing with snowballs. a. see b. childs c. in d. playing --> b 136. One day their mother took them in their aunt's house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes. a. took b. in c. while d. some --> b 137. Two old gentlemen lived in a quite street in Paris. a. gentlemen b. in c. quite d. Paris --> c 138. They went often for walks together in the streets when the weather was fine. a. often b. together c. when d. was --> a 139. In England nobody under the age of eighteen are allowed to drink in a public bar. a. In b. nobody c. are d. to drink --> c 140. There is a prison in iceland which allows its prisoners going out without any guards to work everyday. a. is b. allows c. going d. to work --> c 141. Mary and her husband wanted to give the old lady to a nice birthday present.
  2. a. her b. to give c. to d. nice --> c 142. He is such famous that he has a great many fans. a. is b. such c. has d. fans --> b 143. The police caught he because he was involved in a robbery. a. police b. he c. because d. in --> b 144. If he doesn't understand the lesson, his father often explains it for him. a. understand b. his c. often d. for --> d 145. Most of the building in this town are rather unattractive, but this church is an exception. a. of b. building c. rather d. but --> b 146. She has a strongly determination to be a teacher. a. has b. strongly c. determination d. be --> b 147. The government are trying playing down their involvement in the affair. a. are b. playing c. their d. in --> b 148. The expansion of this factory will to create more employment to local people. a. expansion b. this
  3. c. to create d. local --> c 149. There is a chill striking me when I go alone in night. a. is b. striking c. when d. in --> d 150. This morning, I encountered a friend I haven't seen for a long times. a. encountered b. haven't c. for d. times --> d 151. It is possible to infer two completely opposite conclusion from this set of facts. a. is b. to infer c. completely d. conclusion --> d 152. He is not very sanguine about his chances of successful. a. very b. sanguine c. about d. successful --> d 153. She admires Korean actresses in so far as she wears as them. a. admires b. actresses c. as d. them --> c 154. She presented reward for the return of her lost bracelet. a. presented b. for c. of d. lost --> a 155. We are interested of the conservation of forests. a. interested b. of c. conservation d. of --> b
  4. 156. I think there are any resources that we have left untapped. a. are b. any c. that d. untapped --> b 157. He enrichs his knowledge by listening to the radio every night. a. enrichs b. knowledge c. listening d. every night --> a 158. We have searched for some of the books to which you need. a. have b. for c. books d. to which --> d 159. It is many years for Mount Vesuvius last erupted. a. is b. years c. for d. last --> c 160. Reforming the education system will be a difficulty process. a. Reforming b. system c. will d. difficulty --> d 161. I found it hardly to keep my concentration with such a noise going on. a. it b. hardly c. concentration d. such --> b 162. I keep my reference books near in my desk for convenience. a. keep b. reference c. near in d. convenience --> c 163. Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice would spill. a. Put b. on c. otherwise
  5. d. would --> d 164. All pilots are responsible for their passengers' safe. a. pilots b. responsible c. for d. safe --> d 165. The country air are fresh, moreover, it is not polluted. a. country b. are c. moreover d. polluted --> b 166. I always make a point of checking that all the windows are shut after I go out. a. make b. checking c. all d. after --> d 167. We are having a little get-together to celebrate David promotion. a. having b. a little c. to celebrate d. David --> d 168. She is enough old to be independent of her parents. a. old b. to be c. of d. parents --> a 169. The train he got on has an accident but he was unharmed. a. he b. has c. but d. was --> b 170. You need attach a label to each piece with luggage. a. need b. a c. to d. with --> d 171. You should wear conspicuous clothes when to walk at night.
  6. a. wear b. when c. to walk d. at --> c 172. She made a few conventional remark about the weather. a. made b. conventional c. remark d. the --> c 173. She can look back on her career with greatly satisfaction. a. look b. on c. with d. greatly --> d 174. I feel a certain apprehension with my interview tomorrow. a. feel b. certain c. with d. tomorrow --> c 175. What was she said convinced me that I was mistaken. a. was b. said c. me d. mistaken --> a 176. A well tool-box is a handy thing to have in the house. a. well b. handy c. to d. in --> a 177. One of his less attractive trait is criticizing his wife in public. a. of b. less c. trait d. in --> c 178. The driver was tooting his horn as he reached the bend. a. The b. was tooting c. as d. reached


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