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Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 6

Chia sẻ: Immor Tertle | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:6

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Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 6

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Chủ đề:

Nội dung Text: Bộ đề thi tiếng anh 6

  1. b. and c. emphasizing d. make --> c 208. The division between the roles of the mother and the father is no longer very clearly. a. between b. roles c. no longer d. clearly --> d 209. A father can change the baby, dressed the children or make the dinner. a. change b. dressed c. the d. make --> b 210. A father is the person who provides us for money to feed and clothe ourselves. a. is b. who c. for d. and --> c 211. A dad is the person who you ask for pocket money. a. person b. who c. for d. money --> b 212. The table manners you have in a restaurant is very different from those you have at home. a. table b. manners c. is d. those --> c 213. All the parks are beautiful kept and are for the use and enjoyment of the people. a. All b. beautiful c. for d. enjoyment --> b 214. There always is nearly a crowd at the door of the theatre asking for returned tickets.
  2. a. always b. crowd c. at d. asking --> a 215. China teams are famous for their skill in table tennis. a. China b. are c. for d. in --> a 216. There was once a foreigner who went in England to learn English. a. was b. who c. in d. to learn --> c 217. If you ever go into a house in Japan, you must remembering to take off your shoes. a. ever b. into c. remembering d. off --> c 218. Many houses have no other furnitures in their rooms. a. Many b. no c. furnitures d. in --> c 219. You will see a bowl of flowers or a long silk paintings on one of the walls. a. a b. of c. paintings d. walls --> c 220. You may be surprised seeing that there are no bedrooms. a. be b. seeing c. that d. no --> b 221. One of the greatest difficulties for foreign students in American universities are the lecture system. a. One b. difficulties
  3. c. for d. are --> d 222. It is not easy to take good notes from a lecture on a foreign language. a. is b. good c. from d. on --> d 223. The first skill to learn is how to write only the more important words, not whole sentences. a. first b. to learn c. more d. whole --> c 224. Her mother died early with her father tried hard to bring up the four children. a. early b. with c. hard d. to bring --> b 225. Marie learnt to read and write in the age of four. a. learnt b. to read c. in d. of --> c 226. She worked very hard and became a famous chemist and physicists. a. very b. hard c. became d. physicists --> d 227. Jim was having dinner at a restaurant when Henry was coming in. a. was having b. at c. when d. was coming --> d 228. He could understand algebra and to speak French when he was six. a. understand b. to speak c. when d. was --> b
  4. 229. English is the native or official language on one-fifths of the land area of the world. a. is b. official c. one-fifths d. of --> c 230. Many universities, school classes taught in English even though the native language is not English. a. Many b. taught c. even though d. native --> b 231. I myself prefer the underground as it is rapidity, easy and cheap. a. myself b. the c. rapidity d. cheap --> c 232. There are such many cars and buses in London that one can not drive along the roads quickly, and without many stops. a. such b. in c. that d. without --> a 233. If you don't know London very good, it is very difficult to find the bus you want. a. If b. don't c. good d. to find --> c 234. Some butterflies flies more than 3000 kilometers on their journey to the south. a. Some b. flies c. more than d. on --> b 235. On the wintering places, millions of butterflies cover the trees and ground like a carpet. a. On b. wintering c. of
  5. d. like --> a 236. It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker muscles that the average man. a. certainly b. average c. has d. that --> d 237. When men lived in caves and hunt animals for food, strength of body was the most important thing. a. lived b. hunt c. strength d. most --> b 238. Most of the words are the same in American and in British English, but the American people say any English words not like people do in England. a. Most b. same c. any d. do --> c 239. In Canada much people speak English because they also came from England many years ago. a. In b. much c. because d. also --> b 240. Jim gets up at half past seven everyday, has breakfast at eight o'clock, and starts works at half past nine. a. at b. has c. starts d. works --> d 241. Peter usually gets up at eleven o'clock and has breakfast on lunchtime. a. usually b. gets c. has d. on --> d 242. Holiday towns and fishing villages in the South - West are prepared to fight the oil pollution which is threatening local beaches.
  6. a. fishing b. prepared c. which d. local --> b 243. Yesterday there was a collision in the English Channel between the "S.P Titan", who is one of the biggest oil tankers in the world, and a Dutch cargo ship. a. was b. between c. who d. tankers --> c 244. Helicopters rescued both crews, and nobody dies in the collision. a. rescued b. both c. dies d. in --> c 245. Hundreds of small boats, which are carrying detergents, is spraying the oil. a. of b. which c. carrying d. is --> d 246. The Amazon forest, in Brazil, covers five million square kilometers - an area as bigger as the whole of Europe excluding Russia. a. covers b. million c. bigger d. excluding --> c 247. If the destruction of the forest continues at the same rate, there would be nothing left by the year 2005. a. If b. continues c. would d. left --> c 248. Scientists says that the disappearance of the trees is already causing changes in the climate. a. says b. disappearance c. of d. in --> a 249. Brunei is one of the smallest but most rich countries in the world.


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