Cẩm nang dữ liệu không dây P15

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Cẩm nang dữ liệu không dây P15

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ENABLING “SOFT” TECHNOLOGIES ALPHABET SOUP Thirty seconds into a review of communication product specifications one encounters a babble of “vee-dot” (V.) versus MNP variations, and mysterious acronyms such as EC2, ETC, and TX-CEL. It is unwise to dismiss this sometimes unintelligible gibberish as an unimportant attempt to break/protect vendor proprietary interests. These alphabetic designators are often surrogates for key communication developments required for the success of wireless data. This chapter is a simplified look at some nonhardware technologies, protocols, and communication standards that drive both network and device development. The focus is on modulation techniques, error detection/correction, and data compression. ...

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