Cẩm nang dữ liệu không dây P7

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Cẩm nang dữ liệu không dây P7

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HYBRID NETWORKS TERRESTRIAL PACKET/SATELLITE Trucking company Boyle Transport makes it crystal clear: “you should be able to pick a radio or cellular based system for regional service and satellite for long haul, but be able to use the same provider.”1 This is the goal of most hybrid offerings, though satellite may well be avoided in favor of an alternative technique such as circuit switched cellular. 7.1.1 AMSC/ARDIS Multimode System In March 1990 Rockwell announced that it was developing a satellite-based vehicle location and two-way data system.2 Rockwell’s plan was to lease L-band capacity from AMSC, which was leasing time from InMarSat....

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