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Computer illiteracy as one of the main problem of business student

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The problem of computer illiteracy as a one of main problems of business students.

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Nội dung Text: Computer illiteracy as one of the main problem of business student

  1. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF UKRAINE Donetsk National Technical University Faculty of Economics and Management International Business Department Computer illiteracy as one of the main problem of business student Written by: Goncharov Yevgeniy Zenzura Yana Pyzhova Margaryta Fateyev Andrew group IBA 2000 A Supervisor: N. U. Todorova Donetsk 2002
  2. The problem of computer illiteracy as a one of main problems of business students. Symptoms The main symptom of the computer illiteracy is an inability in computer working. For example, student cannot find necessary information the Internet, but it very often is necessary for preparation for a subject. Many students do not want to increase the knowledge of computer because they consider that to call to more advanced friend and ask him for help is more easy, than try itself to understand it. Waste time - is the main problem of student who spend a lot of time and force for solving a problem, which can be solved with the help of PC faster. And all we know that computer literacy is on of the main requirement at employment. Thus we see that the problem of computer illiteracy is one of the main problems for business-students because of it we waste time, we lose opportunities, potential workplaces and we depend on other people. Causes The first cause of the problem of computer illiteracy is the lack of useful information in the course of information science. The second cause is unwillingness to learning - many people think that easier to ask someone to do something on computer for them, instead of learning how to do it themselves. The third cause is lack of access to computer. The fourth cause is dissatisfactory school base. The fifth cause is insufficient allocation of application programs, - some people don’t use not allocated programs only because they don’t know language of this programs. Alternative 1 I would like to present you the most difficult alternative of our problem. It is really hard to influence on educational program. But we are convincing that student’s opinion should be considered. How can it work?
  3. To make suggestion about desirable changes in course program and to give it in writing form to the rector. In this application the necessity of these changes for students-economists should be underlined because offered program doesn’t comply with speciality’s requirements. What do we mean? There is a lot needless information (about computer equipment) and there is a lack of info about questions, which will be useful in our further work. The reaction of rector nobody can imagine. But we can suppose that he will consider our proposal and approve our wish to get knowledge than he’ll give the directives about changing in the computer course and people who are responsible for this subject can correct the methodic book, some program aspect according to our needs and problem will be solved. Alternative 2 And what about reaction of principal? If the principal doesn’t agree to realize our first alternative of solving the problem, what can we suggest? We have another alternative, which is called “Simplification of access to computer classes.” We mean the organization of computer classes or computer courses in our University. These classes must be free. At first step we write the application for permission to organize such classes to the principal. For example we’ll get positive answer. Second step – there are special classes in our university which often aren’t used by students. And there are students who have skills in this sphere. And they may agree to work as a consultation in these classes, but without salaries. We think it’ll be interesting for them too. There will be lessons twice a week. Preliminarily we agree their time with timetable. Then our third step, we form the groups of students, set the time. Students will be able to improve their knowledge, work in the Internet or learn to work with computer, and also consultate if they don’t understand something. As a result our problem must be solved. We consider this alternative to be rather successful. We think it doesn’t a lot of expences costs. The only thing, which is necessary, is a student willing. And we can reduce the computer illiteracy. Alternative 3 If very few people come to out groups we will move to the next alternatev. And this is the increasing of motivation for attending these courses. The first measure to solve the problem (and it is the most effective) is to introduce compulsory computer literacy test in the examinations for all students. But to realize it we need rector’s permission and to obtain it we can use first alternative. If it doesn’t work there is another way of increasing motivation. We can conclude an agreement with IT department to apply to the diploma certificate for those who have finished this classes. This certificate will help in the future placement. Parallel to these measures at the end of each computer class free Internet should be introduced. Besides of this clarifying conversations should be help for all students. During this conversations students will find out how the computer literacy is important when applying for
  4. the job. They should know that one of the most important placement requirements is computer illiteracy.



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