Digital communication receivers P6 - P2

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Digital communication receivers P6 - P2

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The M&M synchronizer needs only one synchronized sample per symbol, taken at the estimated decision instant. Let us investigate the tracking performance of the M&M synchronizer. Assuming that tik = al, for all !Z and 6 = 00, it follows from (6-68) that =Re c ((&arc-pn - a;ak-I-)h(mT-eT) + (azBINk - aiNk-1) n-6 1 (6- 143) where Nk is defined by (6-103). This yields the following timing error detector characteristic: g,(e) = E[zE(k;2)] = h(T - eT) - h(-T - eT) (6-144) As h(t) is an even function of time, it follows that g (0) = 0, so that e = 0 is a stable equilibrium point. The resulting timing error detector...

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