Digital Signal Processing Handbook P24

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Digital Signal Processing Handbook P24

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Adaptive Filters for Blind Equalization 24.1 Introduction 24.2 Channel Equalization in QAM Data Communication Systems 24.3 Decision-Directed Adaptive Channel Equalizer 24.4 Basic Facts on Blind Adaptive Equalization 24.5 Adaptive Algorithms and Notations 24.6 Mean Cost Functions and Associated Algorithms The Sato Algorithm • BGR Extensions of Sato Algorithm • Constant Modulus or Godard Algorithms • Stop-and-Go Algorithms • Shalvi and Weinstein Algorithms • Summary A Common Analysis Approach • Local Convergence of Blind Equalizers • Initialization Issues Linearly Constrained Equalizer With Convex Cost 24.7 Initialization and Convergence of Blind Equalizers 24.8 Globally Convergent Equalizers 24.9 Fractionally Spaced Blind Equalizers 24.10 Concluding Remarks References Zhi...

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