Ebook Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm kỹ năng đọc hiểu - Phần 2

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Ebook Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm kỹ năng đọc hiểu - Phần 2

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Nội dung của ebook "Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm chuyên đề kỹ năng đọc hiểu" trình bày những bài văn thuộc các đề tài nằm trong phạm vi kiến thức phổ thông về kỹ năng đọc hiểu tiếng Anh, là tài liệu phục vụ cho ôn việc ôn thi đại học môn tiếng Anh cho học sinh do Vĩnh Bá - giáo viên chuyên Anh, trường Quốc học Huế biên soạn.

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WWW.DAYKEMQUYNHON.UCOZ.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DAYKEM.QUYNHON 78 HƯ NG ĐẠ O TP .Q UY NH ƠN Although Ju lie had been with Mrs W orthington ju s t three days, she h ad already learnt th a t her boss w as the kind of person one h ad to be careful with. Her changes of mood could be rapid, she definitely did not tolerate failure, laziness or poor work an d she firmly believed th a t everyone’s highest priority should be their work for the com pany. Ju lie w as enjoying h e r job a s Mrs W orthington’s personal secretary, b u t she knew th a t today would be tough. For several days, Ju lie had been experiencing toothache. At first, it w as merely a m inor annoyance th a t could be ignored. “It’ll probably go away by itself,” Ju lie told herself. “If not, 111 see the d entist w hen I’m m ore settled here a t work. It’s not that-u rg ent.” ẦN It d id n ’t disappear, however, and after an extremely uncom fortable night, Julie awoke to severe dental pain. “T hat’s ju s t w hat I need,” she said to herself. “Maybe I can get a d en tist’s appointm ent for this evening, after w ork.” 00 B TR . Ju lie called the dentist's. “I’m afraid the only tim e th e dentist has available today is a t 3.30 pm this afternoon,” said th e receptionist. Julie h ad to m ake an im m ediate decision. “I’ll take it,” she said. Í- HÓ A CẤ P2 +3 10 The question was, how was Mrs W orthington going to react? Would she say, “Of course you can leave early, Julie. In fact, leave a t lunchtim e and don’t come back until you're completely better,”? Julie knew a far more likely response would be som ething along the lines of: “Well, that really is m ost inconvenient. Couldn’t you have arranged to see the dentist in your own time? You have to think about the com pany as well, you know. We c a n ’ all take time off whenever we feel like it. We’d never get t any work done if we all spent the day running around seeing doctors and dentists. C an't you change the time of your appointm ent?” TO ÁN -L The pain w as increasing in intensity, though, and Julie knew she h ad to see a d en tist today. If the only solution w as to leave work early an d face Mrs W orthington’s displeasure, th en so be it. “H ere’s your coffee, Mrs W orthington,” said Julie, as she went into h er b o ss’s office for the first time th a t morning. BỒ ID ƯỠ NG “T hank you, Ju lie,” said Mrs W orthington, w ithout looking up. “Don’t forget I need those reports typed up by three o’clock at the latest. I’ve got a m eeting with Mr Price this afternoon.” “Yes, Mrs Worthington. IVe nearly finished them . Uram ... Sorry, Mrs W orthington, b u t I wonder if I could ask you som ething. It’s quite im portant.” “W hat is it, Ju lie? ” She looked up from the docum ents sh e ’d been studying, an d w ithout giving Julie a chance to reply, said: “Oh my 185 Đóng góp PDF bởi GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BOIDUONGHOAHOCQUYNHON WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DAYKEM.QUYNHON TP .Q UY goodness! What^s.;happ.ene'd:ito yo u r'face? It’s all swollen on one side. Are you all r i g h ^ . _ ••• I" ’ “I’ got reál y;b d -tootftaetteV-M^ ve I. called the den tist an d tri d to m & ;aii: a p p o m ti^ b u t the.only tim e he can see me- is a t;h a lf p a st -’h ree; an d I. know::th a t w ould m ean leaving t .early- b u t I :d0n ‐1 Mriow. w hat else ..... ■ “StopJ’* said .Mrs W orthington. “I quite u n d ersta n d . T hese things have to be-dealt'w ith, or they only get worse, d o n’t they? Get it sorted but, a s quickly as possible.” NH ƠN WWW.DAYKEMQUYNHON.UCOZ.COM ĐẠ O '• “T hank you, M rs W orthington.” TR ẦN HƯ NG “Do you th in k you can w ork this m orning, Ju lie? If you c a n ’t, tell me and w ell find a solution. If you can, ju s t finish those reports a s quickly as you can an d th en go home. Have you taken anything for it, by th e way?” “No, I h av en’t. I th in k Vd better wait as the d en tist will probably have to give me an an aesthetic and you have to be a bit careful, d o n ’t you? But, yes. I can definitely stay and finish the reports. It’s not th a t b ad .” “Well, it looks bad enough. I do appreciate it, Julie. I really do.” +3 10 00 B As Ju lie re tu rn ed to h er desk, she w ondered if she h a d n ’t m isjudged Mrs W orthington. “I couldn’t have asked for a m ore u n d ersta n d in g person to work for - this m orning, at least,” she said to herself, an d smiled, despite the pain. HÓ A CẤ P2 1. Julie know s th a t Mrs W orthington _____ A. th in ks all of h e r staff are lazy and bad a t th eir work. B. is only in a good mood for a few m in utes each day. c . th in k s th a t Ju lie is not hard-w orking enough. D. w ants Julie to p u t her work before everything else. TO ÁN -L Í- 2. W hen Ju lie says “T h at’s ju s t w hat I need” (paragraph 3), s h e _____ A. m eans the opposite of w hat she says. B. is being optim istic ab o u t the situation. c . is trying to pretend she is okay. D. suggests she h a s found a solution. Mrs W orthington d o esn ’ look at Julie because she is b u s y _____ t A. drinking a cup of coffee. BỒ 4. ID ƯỠ NG 3. Julie expects Mrs W orthington to respond b y _____ A. suggesting Ju lie sees a doctor instead. B. allowing Ju lie to leave work early, c . criticising Ju lie for being selfish. D. telling Ju lie to stop complaining. 186 Đóng góp PDF bởi GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BOIDUONGHOAHOCQUYNHON WWW.DAYKEMQUYNHON.UCOZ.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DAYKEM.QUYNHON .Q UY HƯ NG ĐẠ O 6 . Mrs W orthington ask s Ju lie w hether s h e _____ A. can thin k of a solution to the problem. B. h a s taken an y m edicine for th e pain, c . .has already finished typing the reports. D. can tell h e r w hat work h a s to be done. TP Mrs W orthington in terru p ts Ju lie to _____ A. give h er perm ission to see the dentist. B. tell h er to leave the building immediately, c . express h er displeasure a t w hat she said. D. find out some m ore inform ation from her. - 5. NH ƠN B. talking to Mr Price, c. typing som e reports. D. looking a t som e docum ents. 00 B TR ẦN 7. W hen Ju lie leaves Mrs W orthington's office, s h e _____ A. feels th a t she h a d n ’t m isjudged Mrs W orthington after all. B. w onders why sh e’d m isjudged Mrs W orthington so badly, c. recognises some go ñ qualities'in Mrs W orthington. D. w ishes Mrs W orthington had been more u nderstanding. 10 GLOSSARY HÓ A CẤ P2 +3 - a change of mood s thay ñ i tâm tr ng - tough (adj) gay go, kh khăn, gian nan - annoyance s b c mình - urgent (adj) kh n c p. - intensity cư ng ñ - displeasure s không hài lòng Í- 79 - then so be it thì cũng ñành v y/ ñành ph i như th thôi - swollen (adj) sưng vù lên - to get sth sorted out gi i quy t n th a vi c g - anaesthetic thu c mê - to misjudge ñánh giá sai, phán xét sai BỒ ID ƯỠ NG TO ÁN -L The plane circled a n d the pilot pointed down into the A ustralian desert below. “T hat's the runw ay th ere,” he said, “next to the store.” Nancy looked. There w as a strip of level ground next to a few wooden buildings. It looked sm all and u n im p o rtan t in th e middle of the empty stretch es of red earth a n d sm all b u sh es th a t stretched a s far as the eye could see, b u t Nancy knew th a t it was a vital link to th e outside world for the farm ers in the area. As she looked, a figure appeared a t the door of one of the buildings and waved u p a t them . The pilot tu rn ed the plane expertly an d they soon to.uched down on the line of h ard sand. They cam e to a stop by the largest building and Nancy stepped out. A wom an of perh ap s forty held o ut h er hand. “Hi. Welcome to C arter’s Cross. I’m Shelley.” Nancy looked at her. 187 Đóng góp PDF bởi GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BOIDUONGHOAHOCQUYNHON WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DAYKEM.QUYNHON .Q UY • She w as not u nattractive, although long h o u r s in h é .s u n were beginn in g . t o ' ta k e : th eir toll: an d she h ad a n u m b er of.vime&^ind wrinkles. ; Nancy w as surprised; t - see th á t her clothes were quite, fashionable, de~ • spite á bit of d u s t.• So iething in N ancy’s expression m u St have com m unicated itself to Shelley because she laughed an d said, “We’re not quite as backw ard a s you m ight think. This is th e 2 1 st century. Come on into the store.” NH ƠN WWW.DAYKEMQUYNHON.UCOZ.COM HƯ NG ĐẠ O TP They w ent inside while th e pilot checked his plane. The store w as well stocked w ith fanning equipm ent, tinned food an d clothes. An old m an w as cleaning the counter. He looked up w hen they entered an d then carried on w ith his ta sk w ithout catching .Nancy's eye. “Now, come on, D ad,” Shelley said. “We all know how you feel ab o u t them finding oil outside C arter’s Cross, b u t th a t’s no reaso n to be rude. This is Nancy Edw ards, from the university.” She tu rn e d to Nancy. “He’s stu ck in his ways. T hinks it’ll m ean the end of farm ing ro u n d here. Not su ch a bad thing, if you ask m e.” B TR ẦN “Well, nobody did ask you.” It was the old m an. “My granddad farm ed th is land, a n d so will my grandson.' I'm n o t having th is land turn ed into a great big ugly oil refinery.” He looked a t Nancy. “And I w on’t be bought off, eith er.” P2 +3 10 00 Nancy h ad heard from h er colleagues th a t th is kind of resistan ce ju s t disappeared w hen people realised quite w hat the find w as w orth and they happily packed up a n d headed for th e com forts of th e n ea rest city. She hoped this tim e would be no exception. A CẤ “I’m here to a sse ss th e environm ental im pact, Mr W illiam son,” Nancy said. “I have no intention of building any th ing.” The old m an looked a t h er and th e n walked to the door. He pointed out a t th e land. TO ÁN -L Í- HÓ “Environm ental im pact?” He shook his head. “W hat environm ent? It’s a baking desert a n d a person's got to work h a rd to m ake a living off sheep in a land like this. You a re n ’t going to find any endangered species out there, and so you 11 go back and write your rep ort and the oil com panies will move in. B ut there's one thing th a t 1 bet you d o n ’t m en tion in y our report. The village.” He looked o u t into the su n again. Nancy w as a little confused. There had been no m ention of a village in any of the inform ation she had read. “W hat village?” she asked. BỒ ID ƯỠ NG “There are ten farm s th a t rely on th is store. Together, they cover an area, of nearly 400 squ are kilom etres. And th ey ’re o u r neighbours. We . never m iss a birthday, or a wedding, or any o th er event. You’re going to destroy our. village.” Nancy could th in k of nothing to say. Shelley shrugged her shoulders. Nancy w andered back to th e plane to get h er equipm ent. 188 Đóng góp PDF bởi GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BOIDUONGHOAHOCQUYNHON WWW.DAYKEMQUYNHON.UCOZ.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DAYKEM.QUYNHON NH ƠN 1. The buildings Nancy sees from the plane a r e _____ A. sm aller th a n she expected. B. very im portant to the local people, c . left em pty m ost of th e time. D. used to store farm ing equipm ent. Shelley laughs w hen she realises th a t N ancy _____ A. w asn ’t expecting her to be w earing new clothes. B. d id n ’ know th a t there would be so m uch dust. • t c . is usin g strange expressions. D. w ants to be invited into the building. ẦN HƯ NG 3. ĐẠ O TP .Q UY 2. The p hrase “take their toll” in paragraph 2 m eans t h a t _____ A. the su n h as improved Shelley’s appearance. B. Shelley enjoys spending time in the sun. c . Nancy and Shelley both find the su n too hot. D. the su n h a s dam aged Shelley’s skin. 10 00 B TR 4. The m an ignores Nancy a t first because he doesn’t _____ A. like m eeting new people. B. approve of w hat is happening, c . see h er behind Shelley. D. w ant h e r to see how u p set he is. A CẤ P2 +3 5. Nancy hopes th a t the old m an will change his m ind w h e n _____ A. he lea m s how comfortable the city is. B. he sees there is no point hiding his tru e feelings, c. he is offered enough m oney . D. she explains how im portant the find is. HÓ 6 . Mr W illiamson believes t h a t _____ BỒ ID ƯỠ NG TO ÁN -L Í- A. Nancy h a s no intention of doing h er job properly. B. the discovery of oil th reaten s the local wildlife. c . the oil com panies will ignore w hat Nancy tells them . D. there is no wildlife w orth saving in the area. 7. Nancy doesn’t u n d ersta n d Mr W illiamson’s reference to “the village” b e c a u s e _____ A. it covers a large area an d is never m arked on m aps. B. the oil com pany d id n’t give her all the relevant inform ation, c . h e ’s talking ab o u t relationships an d not a physical place. D. it’s a long way from w here they are. GLOSSARY - to circle (chim/ máy bay) lư n vòng quanh - farming equipment nông c - tinned food th c ph m ñong h p 189 Đóng góp PDF bởi GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BOIDUONGHOAHOCQUYNHON

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