Ebook Photoshop Easy-Hard part 157

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Ebook Photoshop Easy-Hard part 157

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  1. Click on thelast frame where it says "0 sec" and change it to 5 seconds. Press the preview in browser button. Now view your animation in the web browser with all the vital statistics of your animation. Lastly Adjust your optimization until you are happy (subject for another tutorial) Choose save optimized to save your animation and publish to the web. Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php Creating Dual Brushes Jacquelin Vanderwood 1 This tutorial will teach you how to create a dual brush. Let's start with the Airbrush Soft Round 17 brush as our base brush. 2 Undock the Brushes Preset palette by dragging on it's tab so that it will stay open. You'll see Dual Brush. Go ahead and place a check mark next to it. 3 Select Grass as the secondary brush. 4 Set the Diameter of the brush to 79 px. Spacing 25%. Scatter 531%. Check Both Axes. Count 1.
  2. 5 Set the Mode of the brush to Color Dodge. 6 Below the sample brush window is a Create new brush icon, click it, name the brush and save it. 7 Test the new brush. 8 Test it with color. 9 Change the Diameter of the brush to 17 px. 10 Look at the difference after the diameter has been changed. 11 Try reducing the Flow percentage of the brush. 12 In the Brush Preset palette increase the Scatter to 1000%. 13 Increase the Spacing to 190%. 14 Increase the diameter to 116 px. 15 Setting the Diameter to 116 px, the Spacing to 190%, Scatter to 0%, and Count to 14, we get this unusual brush below. 16 Try using different settings and modes plus various Flow rates for the Dual Brush and see what type of results you can achieve. Everything in the picture below was created with one brush using the Dual
  3. Brush option as the base point and using the Grass brush. To reset the Brushes Preset palette to it's original place, drag up on the tab and place it back where it was originally. Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php Creating Patterns with Pattern Maker Vikki Olds Creating patterns couldn't be easier than in Photoshop CS. Open an image you'd like to create a pattern with. You can actually create 1 many patterns from one image. Below is the image I'm using to create patterns with. Go to Filters>Pattern Maker. Use the selection tool to create a selection of the 2 area of the image you'd like to make a pattern of. You can change the settings shown below to create different effects from one selection. Each time you generate a pattern it gets temporarily saved into a Tile 3 history so you can go back and look at all the patterns you've created. When you're ready click the generate button. 4 Below is the tile created with my selection. The Tile History palette has a button on the bottom left shown below with a red square around it that lets you save your patterns to be used again and again. 5 You can save each pattern in the pattern history or just choose one or more. Select a pattern and click the Save Pattern button. The Pattern Name dialog will come up. Name your pattern and click ok. 6 Follow step 5 and 6 for each pattern you want to save. 7 You are now ready to use your patterns however you'd like.
  4. 8 Below I've used the newly created pattern to fill text. Below are just a few of the others patterns created with the image at the 9 beginning of this tutorial. Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php CREATING TOXIC WASTE EFFECTS USING PHOTOSHOP 7S NEW BRUSH FEATURES By Colin Smith This week we are going to look at creating a text effect using the new scatter brush option. This effect is simple to create and its not limited to text, you could create some great background effects with this technique. Start with some text on a new layer. Render the type so we can modify it freely. Select quickmask mode. Under brushes, choose one of the presets that use the scattering option. Pain through the text using the brush. Press the "Q" key to switch off the quickmask. You will now see a selection.
  5. You will need to inverse the selection. Ctrl/Cmd+Shfit+I Press the delete/backspace key to cut into the text. If you want a stronger effect press the del key again. Here I pressed it 3 times. Add a standard drop shadow in the layer styles and choose a bevel similar to shown. Be sure to change the gloss contour. Change the color overlay to a bright green color. And here is our effect! If you want to go a step further add a 1 pixel stroke using layer styles. This creates a very interesting effect. Experiment with this effect and see what you can come up with. Terrain maps for 3D come to mind. Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php
  6. Crystal Craze in Photoshop There seems to be this huge craze on crystals going around the design world. Originally the crystals were created in a 3D program and imported to Photoshop where all kinds of coolness is added. In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to create these crystals in Photoshop. We are using Version 7 but it works the same for all versions including CS. By Colin Smith www.photoshopcafe.com Create a new document.Mine was 300X200 pixels. You would probably want something larger. Modify all the settings for a larger image size. Experiment. Create a new layer With the Polygon lasso tool, draw your rough shape. Notice that in Photoshop 6 you can draw off the canvas. When you get to the start/finish point you will see a little circle. As soon as you click on the start point, the entire shape will b loaded as a selection. Fill with a dark color. Here I chose blue. Don't deselect. Now we want to add a gradient, use this method: Select>modify>contract I entered 6 pixels. If you are using a larger image size, consider 10 or even 15
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