Ebook Photoshop Easy-Hard part 25

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Ebook Photoshop Easy-Hard part 25

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  1. 6 Use the Elliptical shape to create the mouth. Press Fill path. Press Enter. Use the Burn tool with previous settings to add shadows. Use the Dodge tool set on Shadows to highlight. Invert and add a shadow with the Burn tool below the mouth. 7 For the eye use the Elliptical shape and fill with black. Right-click on the layer and choose Layer via Copy. Merge this layer onto the head. 8 Select the head circle in Paths. Use the Burn tool set on Midtones and add shadowing around the head. 9 Invert selection. Using the Pastel Medium Tip brush, enlarge the brush by clicking on ] and making sure the Cap Locks is in the On position. Still using the same red and double-checking to make sure the layer is locked, add color. 10 Access Distort>Glass and apply the settings below. 11 Apply Sprayed Strokes with the settings below. 12 Deselect and use the Magic Wand to select the metal base. Create a gradient and apply to the selected portion vertically without going outside the lines and holding the Shift key down. 13 Apply a black to white gradient over the piece and do a Fade Gradient to Overlay. 14 Apply a black to red gradient to the last piece. 15 Select the Drop Shadow Round 9 Pixel brush. Unlock layer. Specify Flow rate to 100%. Draw out a lash with the Pen tool and use Stroke path in the Paths palette.
  2. 16 Change to white, hit the [ to reduce the size of the brush and add a highlight to the eye. 17 Draw half of a bow. Select medium green. Fill. Right-click and select Layer via Copy. Move into place. Merge down. Use the Magic Wand and select it again. Use the Dodge and Burn tool to add shadow and light. 18 Reduce the size of the brush. Using the Burn tool add some freckles. 19 Add an Outer Glow through Layer Style. There you have it! Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php Christmas Lights Jacquelin Vanderwood 1 With the Pen tool selected, map out half of a design of a Christmas light. 2 In the Paths palette click on the Fill path button to fill with green. 3 Duplicate the layer. Hit Enter and Control+D to deselect. Use Transform to flip horizontally. Move into place. 4 Open the Rollover Buttons style palette. Apply one of the colors to the light. 5 Let's apply an outer glow to the light by increasing the size to 73 px.
  3. 6 Apply an Inner Shadow by changing the Blend Mode to Screen, changing the color to red and maximizing Distance. Choke and Size remain at 0 px. Make it a new style. 7 Duplicate the light layer. Open Color Overlay by double-clicking the layer. Change the color chip to red. Continue to duplicate the light and change the Color Overlay color. 8 On a new layer use the Rounded Rectangle tool to create the beginning metal part of the light. Fill with a light to dark gray gradient. 9 Use the Pen tool to draw out a wire as seen below. 10 With the Brush tool selected access the brush libraries and choose Drop Shadow Brushes then select Drop Shadow Round 19 px. 11 Select the color green. Over on the Paths palette click on the Stroke path button to fill the path. 12 Apply a default Inner Glow and Inner Shadow to the piece. 13 On a new layer using the Rounded Rectangle again, create another rounded rectangle and fill with a gradient of medium to dark green. Use the default Bevel and Emboss settings to give it depth. Duplicate along the row. 14 Under Assorted Brushes select the Crosshatch 1 tool and increase it's size by pressing the ] sign. Make sure the Caps Lock is on so you can the size of the brush. Select a light yellow and on a new layer create highlights for the lights. You're done. Technical Support Forum : http://vietdown.org/vbb/index.php Christmas Pig Jacquelin Vanderwood
  4. 1 Using the Ellipse tool, create a full circle. 2 Create a smaller circle on a new layer. 3 Use the Pen tool to create an ear and fill via the Paths palette. Hit Enter and deselect. Right-click layer and choose Layer via Copy. Use Transform to flip horizontal. Move into place. 4 Draw a hoof. In Paths right-click and choose Layer via Copy. Use Transform to flip horiztonal. Move the copied leg into place. 5 Select the main body of the pig and apply a Lighting Effect using the settings below. 6 Open Lighting Effects again and move the light where it should be and apply it to the head. 7 For the ears, make adjustments to the light by moving the points around as shown below for the right ear. 8 And for the left ear. 9 For the left leg. 10 For the right leg. 11 Create new layer and a new filled circle created with the Ellipse tool then fill. 12 Apply lighting to the nose.
  5. 13 On a new layer create a perfect circle then use the Rectangle tool to select the bottom part it. Delete that part. Apply lighting. 14 Create a circle in a new layer and drop that layer below the step above. Fill with white. Create a circle above the white circle and fill with black. Duplicate and move into place. 15 For the mouth create a triangle layer under the snout and fill. 16 From the Layers palette located at the bottom, select the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer button. Select Color Balance and make adjustments to the Midtone colors. To darken the mouth, open New Adjustment Layer and choose Levels. Adjust Levels to darken the mouth. 17 Reset your brushes and choose a soft round brush. Click on the Burn tool. Select Midtones. Exposure should be 50%. Give the pig rosy cheeks. Then select the body and add a shadow under the chin area, near the leg areas. Select the head again and add shadows behind the eyes. 18 Select the Rounded Rectangle tool. Max out the Radius and make a snout hole. Fill with a darker pig color. Use the Burn tool to add shadow. Link and merge all of the layers. Add an Inner Glow with the size of 21 to the whole piece. 19 On a new layer create a Rounded Rectangle, rotate it, fill it with red. Use the Burn tool to add shadow. With the Pen tool draw a cap. Use the Burn tool for shadowing. Create a circle with the Ellipse tool. Fill with white. With the Burn tool set to Highlights, shadow in the white cirlce. Change to medium green. Select the Dashed Circle 2 tool and increase it's size by pressing the ] key. Add this brush design to the circle of the cap.
  6. We're done.
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