Ebook Portable Softwares part 24

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Ebook Portable Softwares part 24

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  1. Portable Namo Image Slicer homepage Code: http://computertimes.com/may06NamoWebEditorSuite2006.htm info Quote: An innovative utility that you can use to "slice" bitmap images into smaller pieces for faster loading in browsers. Namo Image Slicer 1.5 exports sliced images straight to HTML, so you can easily insert them into your Web pages. Also converts Adobe Photoshop(PSD) files to GIF, JPG, or PNG format. download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/13266049/Portable_NamoImageSlicer.exe no password _________ noobie(UDS)
  2. Portable Nature Illusion Studio homepage Code: http://www.nufsoft.com/naturestudio.php info Quote: Make photo live A photo restricts your excitement from holidays spent at the seaside or near a waterfall to flat, two-dimensional images. Nature Illusion Studio lets you go beyond these physical restrictions and make a self-made animated scene, which
  3. can bring the original spirit and excitement of the holiday back to life. Realistic natural effects All visual effects have been recreated with accurate physics, so ripples on the water or subtle movements of the air look and behave just like they might in the physical life. Share to others The best thing is that you can share your excitement with others. You can create a screensaver and present it as a gift to your beloved or friend, publish it on your website and let your guests or customers download it for free. Easy to use Nature Illusion Studio provides you with a point-and-click design environment. In just a few clicks you can add various water effects, weather effects like snow and rain, and background sounds that recreate natural phenomena with much realism and accuracy. Superb result The end result is a superbly lifelike and atmospheric presentation that can be saved as a screensaver, a standalone executable, an AVI or animated GIF file and distributed to other people, who can admire your creation. download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/11828594/Portable_NatureStudio.exe no password
  4. Portable PanoramaStudio v1.4.1 PanoramaStudio. Creation of seamless 360 degree and wide angle panoramic images. This program combines simple creation of perfect panoramic images within a few steps with ambitious postprocessing features for advanced users. * Stitches individual images seamlessly to wide angel and 360 degree panoramas * Stitches photos from every conventional camera - there is no expensive special equipment needed for the shooting of panoramas * No tripod needed for shooting a panorama * Automatic stitching of the photos * Detects already more than 600 digital cameras by their exif data (in JPG ,TIFF and PSD files) * Uses the exif focal length of known cameras * Supports focal lengths from 13mm to 400mm (35mm film equivalent) * Can autonomously estimate the focal length of photos * Allows arbitrary position of the horizon -> perspective correction * Automatic barrel/pincushion correction for wide angle lenses * Special blending mode for seamless transitions (new) * Possibility to completely edit and correct all steps of the stitching after the automatic assembly of the panorama * Poster printing function ( improved) * Export of interactive QuickTimeVR panoramas * Configurable Auto Play for QuickTimeVR panoramas! (new) * Export of interactive Java panoramas * Import of existing panoramic images for further processing or export as
  5. interactive Java or QuickTimeVR panorama (new) * Supports cylindrical, spherical, and perspective (rectilinear) projection of panoramic images * Writes the most commen image formats (JPG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, PCX, RAS, and TGA) * Imports the image formats JPG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, PCX, RAS, IFF, and TGA * Thumbnail preview at image import * Exposure adjustment of the single input images * Automatic exposure correction of the panorama * Supports arbitrary rotating, scaling and cropping of the input images * Hotspot editing ( new: polygon hotspots) in QuickTimeVR and Java Panoramas - > Links to other panoramas and websites * Filters for post-processing image colors and sharpness of the created panoramic image * Export of the individual panorama images as Photoshop file with layers, as row of TIFFs, or as a Multipage TIFF Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/13096411/PSD.rar Passworld: www.softarchive.net __________________ quyanhnguyen(UDS)
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