Ebook Portable Softwares part 53

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Ebook Portable Softwares part 53

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  1. With Mobile Toolkit, critically important system maintenance can be easily performed by trained technicians without making tools available to standard users that can potentially damage their systems through misuse. Solve problems and recover from disaster using PC Repair Wizard Use the new PC Repair Wizard to automatically diagnose and fix hundreds of problems with hard drives, system components, installed software, hardware, and more. Instantly lock down your system with PC Security Optimizer Automatically find and repair Windows security flaws that leave you open to attack from computer enemies such as spyware, adware, viruses, hackers, and identity thieves. Keep your system spotless with PC Cleanup Wizard Let's face it - computers become increasingly cluttered, disorganized, and sluggish if not cleaned regularly. Automatically remove all forms of PC and Internet junk using the new PC Cleanup Wizard, keeping Windows fresh, fast, and sparkling clean. Increase PC and Internet performance by up to 300% Using the new PC Acceleration Wizard, you can automatically optimize system settings and eliminate velocity bottlenecks for maximum gains in overall performance. One-click does it all with PC TotalCare™ The only tool you'll need to keep your PC running fast, smooth, and error-free. New PC TotalCare™ combines the System Mechanic power into a single one- button interface for the perfect blend of absolute power and effortless simplicity. Advanced defense against spyware, adware and malware The System Mechanic Professional Spythom™ tool effectively eliminates spyware infection and uses proprietary methods to stop parasites before they start. Prevent identity theft with System Shield® System Shield protects your PC from unwanted attempts at uncovering private or confidential data. Shield yourself against identity theft or personal misrepresentation. Securely wipe all data from any hard drive
  2. Formatting your hard drive does not remove or erase your data. Many programs can recover data from a formatted drive. With DriveScrubber®, you can securely overwrite and remove all data to ensure 100% security. Instantly recover deleted files, photos, e-mail, and more Get back deleted pictures, videos, MP3s, e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, system files, and any other file or folder on your hard drive, CD/DVD media, MP3 player, digital camera, memory card, or other portable device using the new powerful Search and Recover StrongScan™ technology. Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/9013498/SM60s.rar.html Donwload Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/9430207/PoRyMic_600750.rar Portable Tracks Eraser Pro Your computer is spying on you now! It stores all the evidence of your activities into your hard disk. Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet, what images and movies you have seen, and even anything you have done
  3. on your computer could be seen by others. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks can not be erased with them. Tracks Eraser Pro is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the tracks of Internet activities on your computer. With only one click, Tracks Eraser allows you to erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory, index.dat from your browser, and temp folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, etc. With Tracks Eraser Pro's free plugins, you can easily erase the tracks of up to 100 popular applications,such as playlist of Realplayer, Mediaplayer, QuickTime, recent files of Office, Acrobat ,Winzip, etc. The plugins are adding every week. Tracks Eraser Pro also has the Custom Item, which lets you to erase the file(s) and registry entry(s) that you want to erase. With Tracks Eraser Pro's Securely Erasing feature enable, Tracks Eraser Pro will overwrite file(s) a set number of times with random data, others can not recover/undelete them. You can also schedule the auto-erasing by events such as windows startup, windows shutdown, browser shutdown or by the interval you set. The Boss Key feature lets you hide/show the browser windows immedialtly when someone (your boss, or others you don't want) comes in. the Homepage Protection feature lets you prevent your homepage from being changed by website. Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/13094843/TE6.rar Passworld: www.softarchive.net Quyanhnguyen(UDS)
  4. Portable Webroot WindowsWasher 6 homepage Code: http://www.webroot.com/consumer/products/windowwasher/ info Quote: Window Washer simply and safely wipes your tracks clean and removes unnecessary files for complete privacy and improved PC performance.
  5. Award-winning and used by privacy advocates around the globe, Window Washer: * Eliminates useless files that clog your hard drive and slow down your PC * Permanently washes away files and folders for ultimate privacy * Gives you complete control over where and what gets washed What's New in Version 6.0 * Deeper cleaning power to cover even more areas of your PC * Free space cleaner to free up more of your PC's resources * Protection for more browsers including Mozilla and Firefox download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/9497686/Washer.rar no password created by me - Noobie @ Updatesofts.com
  6. Portable WinImage 8.0 homepage Code: http://www.winimage.com/winimage.htm info Quote: WinImage has many cool features! * Create a disk image from a removable drive (like USB drive), CD-ROM, floppy, * Extract file(s) from a disk image, * Create empty disk images, * Inject files and directories into an existing disk image, * Change a disk image format, * Defragment a disk image, * A powerful "Batch assistant" mode that lets you automate many operations,
  7. * And many more! WinImage uses a modern, cutting edge Windows interface, and is available for Windows 95/98, and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. WinImage is shareware. You may evaluate it for a trial period of 30 days. After 30 days, if you wish to continue using WinImage, you need to register. Click here to download WinImage. New for version 8.00 * Compatibility with Virtual Hard Disk image (used by Microsoft® Virtual PC and Virtual Server), in both read only or read/write mode. * Support of NTFS and Linux EXT2FS/EXT3FS image (only in read only mode) * Connecting on Linux partition (to view content of Linux partition on connected hard disk) * Speed improvement in read of write password encrypted file download Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/9611321/WinImage.rar no password created by me - Noobie @ Updatesofts.com 31 Portable App’s - Multimedia, Internet Tools, Compression7-Zip Portable Alcohol 120% v1.9.5.3823 CD-DVD Data Recovery Clam Win Anti Virus Portable Clone DVD 2 Portable Deep Burner 1 DVD Region + CSS Free v5.9 GIMP Portable Picture Editor Media Monkey Portable Nero Portable Portable AbiWord Portable File Zilla Portable Firefox Portable Gaim
  8. Portable NVU Portable Open Office Portable Sunbird Portable Thunderbird Portable DVD 2 One 2.0.5 Portable DVD Fab Decrypter V2.97 Portable Firefox + Extensions Portable Norton Systemworks 2006 Portable Partition Manager 8.0 Pro Portable Photoshop 8 CS Portable Skype Silent Night Micro CD-DVD-ISO-AUDIO Burner 4.1.2 Registered Silent Night Micro CD-DVD-ISO-AUDIO Burner 5.0 Small Cd Writer USB Tool Box 2 VLC Player Portable WinRar 3.60 Portable And a program called PStart to run them all. Code: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U51ZN95I Portable Collectorz.com apps - ALL apps
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