Ebook Portable Softwares part 96

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Ebook Portable Softwares part 96

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  1. Tiny Software is releasing all new Tiny Personal Firewall as a better and improved successor to a legendary Tiny Personal Firewall 2. Tiny Personal Firewall aims to bring simple yet powerful user interface to set up network traffic protection rules for the beginners. On top of the network protection Tiny Personal Firewall sports features such as the ability to hide folders for some and have them accessible for other applications, program launch control and set of predefined yet customizable rules hardening operating system against to unknown spyware and viruses. Tiny Software is a world leader in the sandbox technology hardening the vulnerable operating system which incorporates several dozens of guards throughout the operating system monitoring and managing all applications activities from access to files through COM objects. Tiny Personal Firewall represents smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects personal computers against hackers. It is built on the proven WinRoute Pro, ICSA certified security technology. Tiny Personal Firewall is also an integral part in Tiny Software's new Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system awarded a contract by the US Air Force to encompass about 500,000 desktop computers. Features: * Stateful firewall for both incoming and outgoing communication * Raw packets protection * Selective network traffic filtering (per interface) * Application launch control (instant spyware protection) * File protection * Hidden and read only files and folders with selective permission control * Registry protection (instant spyware protection) * Device (USB drives etc.) misuse protection * Advanced system protection including COM objects, services, kernel access * Reporting Professional Version -> Offers creation of user specific rules and apply them simultaneously -> Hierarchically combines user defined and administrator defined rules -> Undo all file and registry activities performed by selected applications -> Filters pass-through traffic (on a gateway or a bridge)
  2. -> Filters the traffic based on the originator membership in Active Directory (server license only) -> Offers detailed signature based network intrusion detection and prevention capabilities --------------------- Sygate Personal Firewall is more than an advanced, user-friendly personal firewall, it`s a bi-directional intrusion defense system.It ensures your personal computer is completely protected from malicious hackers and other intruders while preventing unauthorized access from your computer to a network. In essence, it makes your protected machines invisible to the outside world. That makes it a must-have security measure for any PC that connects to a private network or the public Internet. Once you`ve been compromised, every other network you connect to is at risk; including your home, business and online bank accounts. No matter where you use your computer, whether remote or behind a corporate firewall, whether dial-up or an always-on broadband Internet connection, it gives you complete confidence that your precious business, personal, financial and other data is safe and secure. --------------------- Outpost Firewall PRO Benefits: Best-in-class ID-theft protection Outpost Firewall Pro will detect and prevent (using the most effective data leak prevention technology available) malicious applications from trying to transmit data out of your PC. The security of that information is assured. Advanced protection against network attacks Outpost Firewall Pro detects and prevents any attempted hack attacks from outside the network. 360-degree protection against spyware Outpost Firewall Pro detects all attempts by spyware to activate; instead, spyware is instantly removed from the PC.
  3. Automatic detection and configuration updates for optimum security Learn more With Outpost 4.0 you receive ImproveNet updates for the whole license period that include secure firewall settings and rules - meaning with ImproveNet you will get much less prompts from the firewall as it will be always up-to-date when it comes to deciding what to do. Self-protection against malicious software Outpost Firewall Pro protects itself from being terminated by malware. -------------------- Are you vulnerable to identity theft? Internet hackers know thousands of ways to break into vulnerable PC systems. In seconds, they can steal private files, credit card information, tax records, passwords and Social Security Numbers. Remote thieves can even hijack your system to send spam messages. Or plant destructive viruses. On broadband or dial-up, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus provides a secure, always-on barrier between your computer's hard drive and hostile Internet threats. It combines perfectly with your McAfee VirusScan anti-virus protection for multi- layered PC defense against sophisticated viruses like Mydoom, which can open up communication backdoors on computers. - Safeguards your online financial transactions - Protects your personal data from online intruders - Enhances anti-virus defenses such as McAfee® VirusScan® - Updates automatically to protect against new threats Download: Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/14320306/FireWall_Collection2007.rar Downloaders and ip hider 4-in-1 AIO by nunzstopz
  4. uTorrent-1.6 limewirewin-full Morpheus ip hider peer Guardian 2 Download: 39 MB http://rapidshare.com/files/15096396...1_AIO.rar.html Flash Games 8 by txfirebug
  5. Download: Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/15544383/Flash_Games_8.rar.html Mirror Code: http://depositfiles.com/files/606931 Mirror Code: http://www.mediafire.com/?8jfjzzz5xmt
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