ElectrCircuitAnalysisUsingMATLAB Phần 8

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ElectrCircuitAnalysisUsingMATLAB Phần 8

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CHAPTER EIGHT FOURIER ANALYSIS In this chapter, Fourier analysis will be discussed. Topics covered are Fourier series expansion, Fourier transform, discrete Fourier transform, and fast Fourier transform. Some applications of Fourier analysis, using MATLAB, will also be discussed. 8.1 If a function FOURIER SERIES g (t ) is periodic with period Tp , i.e., (8.1) g (t ) = g (t ± Tp ) and in any finite interval g ( t ) has at most a finite number of discontinuities and a finite number of maxima and minima (Dirichlets conditions), and in addition, Tp ∫ g(t )dt ...

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