ElectrCircuitAnalysisUsingMATLAB Phần 9

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ElectrCircuitAnalysisUsingMATLAB Phần 9

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CHAPTER NINE DIODES In this chapter, the characteristics of diodes are presented. Diode circuit analysis techniques will be discussed. Problems involving diode circuits are solved using MATLAB. 9.1 DIODE CHARACTERISTICS Diode is a two-terminal device. The electronic symbol of a diode is shown in Figure 9.1(a). Ideally, the diode conducts current in one direction. The current versus voltage characteristics of an ideal diode are shown in Figure 9.1(b). anode i cathode (a) i v (b) Figure 9.1 Ideal Diode (a) Electronic Symbol (b) I-V Characteristics The I-V characteristic of a semiconductor junction diode is shown in Figure 9.2. The characteristic is divided into three regions: forward-biased, reversedbiased, and the...

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