Everything About Setting Goals…Plus A Little More

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Everything About Setting Goals…Plus A Little More

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If you are new to goal setting, then the information given in this series of articles may be hard to digest the first time round. So in this final part, I am going to summarize what you have learnt so far about how to set goals and highlight key important points. This should help to improve your understanding of goal setting.

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  1. Everything About Setting Goals… Plus A Little More How Do I Set Goals For Myself? • Learning how to set goals is a skill that will assist you in every aspect of your life.  • Goals motivate you to success and keep your mind focused.  • Goals give your life meaning, direction and purpose.  • If you can learn how to set goals and then achieve one major goal, you will program your mind for  continued success.   Setting Personal Goals If you are new to goal setting, then the information given in this series of  articles may be hard to digest the first time round. So in this final part, I  am going to summarize what you have learnt so far about how to set  goals and highlight key important points. This should help to improve your  understanding of goal setting. If you would like to see more detailed information about how to set goals,  then view the links at the bottom of this article or click “Personal Goal  Setting“. Why Learn How To Set Goals?    All   successful   people   set   clearly   defined  specific goals. This  gives  their life power,  purpose and a sense of direction. Without  goals  it   is   unlikely  you  will   make  any significant progress in life, so learning  how to set goals really is a skill should take  the time to master. Personal Goals Require Daily Attention
  2. A goal is simply the process  of  moving  from   where   you   are,   to  where you want to be. Goals   therefore   require  constant   attention   and  daily   work.   You   can   do  this by using affirmations, visualization and by rewriting  your goals. These   3   processes   will   strengthen   goal   intensity   and  clarity, thereby driving them further into your subconscious. Learning How To Set Goals Will Motivate You To Achieve Success Even the laziest person can be motivated into taking action if they want  something badly enough. Take Homer Simpson for example, he’s   very  lazy! But offer him donuts or beer, and he will do just about anything to  get them! This is why it’s so important to set goals that are aligned with your basic  values. If chosen correctly, goals should energize and motivate you. Every step you take towards  your goal  will then give you  a feeling of  accomplishment, making you feel good about yourself and raise your self  esteem. Learning How To Set Goals Will Give Your Life Direction And Purpose Most people are unhappy because they don’t know where they are going  in   life,   and so   their   lives   lack  meaning  and  purpose. As a result they lack an inner sense  of   self   worth,   often   becoming   angry   and  taking   it   out   on   other   people,   drugs   or  alcohol.
  3. As   soon   as   you   learn   how   to   set   goals   and   start   working   towards  achieving those goals, you will begin to feel in control of your life. You will  be taking it where you want to go, rather than drifting aimlessly from day  to day. Learning How To Set Goals Will Make You Forget Your Worries You can only hold 1 thought at a time. If you are constantly thinking about  your goals and what you want to achieve, you will automatically remove  doubts   and   worries   from   your   mind.   This   is   known   as   the   law   of  substitution. It does take a lot of discipline to do this, but if you can train yourself to  concentrate on your goals for 30 days (the time it takes to develop a new   habit) you will create new thought patterns and therefore new habits of  behavior. Learning How To Set Goals Will Program Your Mind For Continued Success If   you   can   learn   how   to   set   goals   and   then  achieve   1   major   goal,   you   will   automatically  transfer   this   pattern   of   success   into   your  subconscious.   Your   mind   will   then   use   this  information to create new patterns of success  for your future activities. This is why successful people tend to go from one success to another.  Their mind has been programmed for success, which drives their future  thoughts and actions to produce further successes. In other words, they  succeed by succeeding. How To Set Goals ­ 7 Things You Should Do  1: Set goals that are as detailed and specific as possible.
  4.  2: Set goals that have a specific plan of action for their accomplishment.  3: Set   goals in   the   present   positive   tense,   as   if   they   were   already  completed.  4: Be decisive when you set your goals. Decide exactly what it is YOU  want in life.  5: Set goals that are consistent with you basic values.  6:  Use visualization, affirmations and repetition to strengthen the goals  you set.  7: Take the time to review and revise your goals and plan each day.
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