Form CV bằng tiếng Anh

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Form CV bằng tiếng Anh

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  1. CIRRICULUM VITAE 1. Personal Information: Fullname: DOB: POB: ID number: Nationality: Vietnamese Sex Marital status: Single Permanent address: Contact address: Mobile: Email: Desired position: Current Net Salary Desired Salary: Negotiation Other benefits: Time needed to inform my current employer: Negotiation 2. Academic Qualifications: Qualification Institution Country Majors Grad Length of Year e program completed 3. Key Training Courses: Conducted by Durantio Grade Year Certificate Name of Course n 4. Foreign Languages: Fair Good Very Good Foreign languages
  2. CIRRICULUM VITAE 5. Job History: Job title Period Title of Direct Company Supervisor Main duties: Achievements: 1- Airserco Labour Export Centre Main duties: - Be reponsible for handling labour input - Arranged English class for new labour - Taught English for labour… Note: This was the first company I worked as full time staff since graduation so what I have learnt was valuable Those experiences included administrative tactics, the self-confidence on standing amongs so many people, the effective way to work for the best results... 3- Command Group ( part-time job) Office Diplomatic Division Staff Main duties: Results: The starting time was so hard for me as the undergraduate but the experience I got was so great, the life is only useful, and I realised the great lessons studied from here: How to communicate effectively? How to work hard and efficiently in professional working environment? How to exchange my views to others? How to report to my boss? How to use my best knowledge to apply for my jobs?, and so on 6. Characteristics: Strengths Weaknesses Strong spirit and strong physics; So strict with myself and to others High sense of confidence, responsibility. Good office skills: communicative, corresponence.... Proven skills to work in group or individual
  3. CIRRICULUM VITAE under high pressure; Enthusiasistic, organized person; Prior experience with administrative position; Be on time, and proactive with everythings which I can By my signature, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this C.V. is accurate and complete Signature: date: -------------------------------
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