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Nghệ thuật xếp hình: froggy

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Nội dung Text: froggy

  1. Froggy Went A Huntin’ The book mark Copyright 1996 Perry Bailey Note, I use foil paper in making The Paper I used this model, you don’t have to, but it was 1X4 for the fits better into the book that way. In dimensions. fact the first one was made from a foil wrapper from a Hershey bar. 1 PVB Fold and crease the paper length- 2 Fold a waterbomb base at the top. 3 Valley fold the sides into the center, while folding over 1 flap over the other of the water bomb base. 4 Mountain fold the flap inside of the model upwards so that the open part of the 5 flap is on the top. Repeat on the other side. Fold the top flap back to the other side. 6 Squash fold the flap as shown to the center. 7 Petal fold the flap up. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other flap.
  2. 8 9 Reverse fold the Now you can either points out on each fold the frogs legs side to form the a little thick as I do frogs legs. or if you prefer you can thin them first. 11 10 Mountain fold the tip Pull out (reverse fold) under to form head the inner flaps to make to form sides, valley the front feet. These fold the bottom layer you may want to thin a and mountain fold little. the upper layer. To form the backside of the frog mountain fold all but the legs underneath. This should give you the finished frog. 12 13 Almost finished frog. And now we begin Flip the paper 180 degrees the fly! Fold down to the other side. one layer to the edge,
  3. 14 Fold the flap back up after you use it to make the fold shown 15 Use the edge as a marker of where to fold down. Make the fold then unfold, and re-fold at the second fold down. 17 16 Fold the flap up to the Reverse fold the sides top of the model. inwards. 18 Pull down and squash the points to make the fly’s wings. 19 This is sort of a cross between a swivel fold and a spread squash. You fold the wings out while bringing down the top flap and folding it into a rectangle.
  4. 23 Now the final folds, fold everything but the frog and the fly under as shown. 20 24 Fold the top layer underneath on both sides, as if for a paper plane. Now it is finished This will thin the body of the fly. our ambitious frog ever in pursuit of Lunch. Now go smash ,em into a book! 21 Now fold over the entire top of the model, this gives your fly a head. 22 Gently pull the wings apart and then crease them into a good looking position.



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