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Hacking Security Sites part 14

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Hacking Security Sites part 14

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You can use as many proxy servers as you can or want. The more you have, the more anonymous you will be. Hacking Security Sites part 14

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  1. find proxies on other ports than : 23 , 1080 (socks) ,80 - 81 ,3128 , 8080 ,8081. Because almost all IRC server scan now for proxy with ports above. Question: The program is not able to work with proxy. What should I do ? Answer: Making a program to use a proxy server depends on the type of proxy. For SOCKS proxy you?ll need SocksCap (check under proxy tools). It will socksificate any program i.e. redirect all requests to the socks proxy. For HTTP it?s necessary for the proxy server to support HTTPS protocol. Install a local SOCKS proxy server and using Socks2HTTP redirect all requests to it on HTTP proxy. Question: What is proxy chaining? Answer: A Proxy chaining is merely connecting to more than one proxy and then to your intended destination. You can use as many proxy servers as you can or want. The more you have, the more anonymous you will be. Question: How does using the proxy server affect the performance of Netscape (or Internet Explorer)? Answer: It may take slightly longer to connect over a dialing line if you are using the proxy server setup. That's because your browser must first load the proxy instructions before it proceeds with the session. It is also possible that, as more and more resources come to be protected by the proxy server, it may slow your browser's performance a little. Question: Do I need to do anything to exit the proxy server? Answer: Yes. When you have finished using the proxy services, remember to turn the proxy server settings off. If you do not, all further internet transactions will be filtered through the proxy server. Unnecessary use of the proxy server may slow down your internet access. Question: What is PAC? Answer:
  2. PAC stands for a Proxy Auto Config file. It does the same thing as you when configuring Web browsers to use a proxy server. But it makes the browser to load its proxy configuration information from a remote JavaScript file, but not from the information you enter directly. Question: Do I need to perform the browser configuration every time I go online? Answer: No. Configuring your browser is a one-time event -- unless you change to a new browser or to a new proxy server. Question: Why it can be faster to surf via proxy? Answer: Some proxy server does web caching thus gives you extra WWW (and partially FTP) speed. Idea is very simple: client program tries to retrieve the requested document not from the real location, but from cache/proxy. If cache/proxy does not find this document in its cache space it downloads it and returns to the client. Question: If I am using a Proxy Server does this prevent me from downloading files? Answer: Using a Proxy Server will not prevent you from downloading. Question: My IPS is AT&T/MSN/America Online (AOL)/CompuServe/Prodigy and I can not use proxy ! Answer: Web browsers provided by these Internet Service Providers may not work properly with the Proxy Server. Question: I don't know what is the best anonymous proxy, level 1 or level 5 ? Answer: Level 1 but the primary question here what you understand under truly anonymous proxy. Difference between proxy level 1 or 2 and the other proxies is that proxies level 1,2 are indistinguishable from a browser and the other proxies spills more and more variables.
  3. The most important thing is of the proxy spills the really ip or not. Generally proxy level does not matter if proxy not spills the real ip. Question: Are IRC proxies only proxies for IRC? Answer: No. IRC proxies are actually proxies that support connect method. All IRC proxies you can use to connect anonymously to the ftp servers, ICQ.... Question: How often your free proxy list is updated? Answer: Every 15 minutes Question: How do you check your anonymous proxy servers? Answer: Anonymous proxy - is a proxy, that does not add any HTTP headers while working through it. Question: I need ftp proxy, where can I find it? Answer: FTP proxies are very rare. But you can use HTTP proxy to download files from ftp sites, or you can use Freecap and SOCKS proxies with your ftp client software. ( lấy từ
  4. Danh sách các Website cung cấp Proxy tốt nhất: Free Proxy Lists URLs Site Proxy Lists URLs This Site HTTP, SOCKS, Proxy forum HTTP HTTP HTTP HTTP HTTP (by country/port/anonymity) HTTP HTTP,HTTPS,SOCKS HTTP HTTP, SOCKS HTTP/HTTP CONNECT HTTP, SOCKS HTTP HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS, HTTP (Russian) HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 HTTP (New), HTTP (Anonymous), HTTP (Transparent) HTTP (Top 30), HTTP (Anonymous), HTTP (Non- Anonymous), HTTP (Squid), HTTP (By countries) HTTP HTTP
  5. HTTP/SOCKS HTTP HTTP HTTP HTTP Kiểm tra Proxy Online (Online Proxy Checker): Vào các trang sau, nhập địa chỉ proxy vào rồi check xem chúng còn dùng được hay không: Về chương trình ProxyChecker ProxyChecker - Đơn giản là 1 phần mềm, tải xuống các danh sách Proxy miễn phí từ network, và kiểm tra xem chúng còn sử dụng được không, cái nào tốc độ tốt nhất, để bạn quyết định dùng Proxy tốt nhất. Tại sao ProxyChecker? · Thường xuyên cập nhật danh sách proxy list URLs; · Tải xuống và kiểm tra danh sách Proxy hoàn toàn tự động; · Hỗ trợ các giao thức Proxy: SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, HTTP (HTTPS), WinGate-Telnet; · Hỗ trợ GeoIP; · Kiểm tra tốc độ đáp ứng của Proxy(ping); · Dễ sử dụng. · Homepage: · Download: (981 KB) Flexiblesoft Ping v2.0 beta 3 - released Dec 05, 2001. The Flexiblesoft Ping rất hữu dụng trong việc kiểm tra và gỡ rối các sự cố về TCP/IP. Nó gửi đi 1 gói tin (packet) và chờ đợi các host chỉ định phản hồi lại trong 1 khung thời gian chỉ định. Đây là chương trình đa luồng, nên nó làm việc nhanh hơn nhiều lần so với các 


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