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  1. Letter “M” Puzzle by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY) ©1998 Simple Four 6" squares make a model 9" high 1. Valley the first square in half. 2. Valley the side edges to the 3. Pull the inner flap through to bottom. the other side. 3-5 4. Mountain fold the hiddenflap 5. Pul the flap back to the other 6. Repeat setps 3-5 in mirror in half. side. image. 7. Turn over. 8. Completed piece. 9. Precrease the second square in half. 10. Valley the corners to the 11. Valley the right edge to the 12. Valley the bottom edge to center. center. the center.
  2. 13. Valley over. 14. Valley the side into the 15. Completed second piece. pocket. 16. Precrease the third square 17. Valley the corners to the 18. Valley the right edge to the in half. center. center and precrease the left side in half. 19. Valley the bottom corners. 20. Valley along angle bisectors. 21. Valley along the center. 22. Tuck the side into the pocket. 23. Completed third piece. 24. Precrease the fourth square along the diagonals.
  3. 25. Valley the bottom corner to 26. Valley the right corner to the 27. Valley along angle bisectors. the center. center and precrese the other side. 28. Valley along angle bisectors 29. Valley along the center. 30. Tuck the side into the pocket. again. 31. Completed fourth piece. 32. Align the four pieces to form this shape. This completes the Letter “M” Puzzle ©1998 Marc Kirschenbaum


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