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  1. Lily-Fly by Kalei Anne Lundberg copyright 2000 This model appeared while I was playing with the lily base and because I wanted to send a butterfly to Sweden. The diagrams are offered for personal use any other use please contact me for permission at 1. Do the star precrease, color 2. Fold and unfold to the 3. Inside reverse fold along side up, and collapse the model center line. Repeat on the the precreased lines. into a colored preliminary fold. other side. Repeat on the other side. 4. Fold and unfold to 5. Model after the spread 6. Fold a single layer on 7. Valley fold the top the center line. Spread squash is complete. the front and back left point down. This fold squash fold along the Repeat on the other 3 side to the right. Note: will fall along the precrease. sides. Note this is the lily that the right side of the interior thickness. base with the small model will now enclose points tucked to the two full points inside. Lily-Fly page 1 of 3
  2. 8. Open up the four 9. Inside reverse the two 10. Petal fold. points. The model will lay triangular folds between the flat. Note: The reverse top and bottom set of wings. side of the model should Squash fold the bottom be oriented as in step 13. triangular fold. 11. Tuck the small point to the 12. Turn model over. 13. Valley fold the top layer to inside. the left to complete the separation between the two bottom wings. 15. Fold and unfold to 16. Outside reverse along the align along the edge of precrease line while sliding the point 14. Fold model in half. the wings. downward. This will cause a small crimp fold on either side of the model. Lily-Fly page 2 of 3
  3. 17. Note that the 18. Fold and unfold. 19. Reverse fold the tips 20. Reverse fold the crimp curls up over Light lines show the to the inside. The bottom small tip between the the top wing and landmark. Repeat on wings have an extra wings along line. tucks into the body. back. reverse fold for the tip. Repeat on the back. Repeat on back. Fold wings to the right repeat on the back. 21. Step reverse fold the 22. Shape the wings by sinking 23. Ta Dah!!!! tip three times. Note the the tips through all layers. Some second reverse will be of these can be a bit tricky. even with the body side of the model. Open. Lily-Fly page 3 of 3



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