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Policy dialogue platform on climate change

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Climate change is posing imminent threat to Viet Nam’s progress in human development, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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Nội dung Text: Policy dialogue platform on climate change

  1. INTRODUCTION Policy Dialogue Platform on Climate Change ISGE International Support Group for Natural Resource and Environment
  2. $444 B. $2,200 B. $8,800 B Temperature Rise ~3oC (1.8 - 4) to 2100 Sea Level rise ~0.4m (0.2 - 0.6) to 2100
  3. Climate change is posing imminent threat to Viet Nam’s progress in human development, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam John Hendra said. “It is a very important message for the Vietnamese government, as they are rapidly moving in economic growth, to focus on adaptation and mitigation on a broader environmental side but also particularly the impacts of climate change,” The UNDP report says of the Mekong Delta: “Climate change poses threats at several levels. Rainfall is predicted to increase and the country will face more intensive tropical storms. Sea levels are expected to rise by 33 cm by 2050 and 1 meter by 2100”.
  4. Implementing Resolution No. 60/2007/NQ-CP dated of December 3rd 2007, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Dr. Phạm Khôi Nguyên, has required responsible bodies to finalize the Outline of the National Targeted Program on Climate Change Adaptation to submit to the Government in the shortest time. The Minister said that the draft program should update researches on climate change scenarios in Vietnam for the period of 2010-2100 and proposed adaptation measures to cope with climate change in the coming time.
  5. Goal of TOR 1. The goal is to establish the National Targeted Program on climate change adaptation, policy dialogue on climate change, experience sharing and coordinate among stakeholders in climate change activities focusing on agriculture, water resources, and coastal zone; to strengthen capacity for climate change adaptation in Viet Nam; and 2. Advise and assist for MONRE to strengthen the effectiveness of legislation implementation and negotiation skill on climate change, to identify content and method for managing pressing issues of climate change in Vietnam.
  6. Objectives 1. To promote common approaches to climate change policy and management, including convergence of legislation and standards; 2. To strengthen cooperation on transboundary climate change matters and the resolution of problems; 3. To facilitate cooperation within multilateral climate change forums and implementation of the obligations of a Party to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol; 4. To collaborate in the analysis of common climate change concerns, to share information, to raise public awareness of climate change issues, and to promote climate change training. 5. Build bridges to increase communication between Scientists, Policymakers, NGOs and Communities on climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  7. Joint Programme Outcomes 1. Dialogue on damaging impacts of current and future climate changes 2. Dialogue on legal basis and benefit sharing of CDM projects on Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry 3. Dialogue on removing the uncertainties on the continuity of the CDM after the first commitment period (2008-2012) of the Kyoto Protocol. 4. Dialogue on creating incentives for climate-friendly technology transfer and absorption. 5. Dialogue on establishing innovative financing options to support climate change activities. 6. Dialogue on experiences sharing about strategic approaches for long- term cooperative climate change activities. 7. Dialogue to develop action plan to integrate climate change issue into development programs/plans of all sectors and localities. 8. Dialogue on climate change impacts on the development of the country. 9. Dialogue on Strengthen coordination of between state management authorities. 10. Promote coordination, information and experience exchange between programs/projects relating to climate change
  8. Main Activities for Topics: Topic 1: support the development of the National Targeted Program on Climate Change Adaptation. Topic 2: support the development of policy framework on integrating climate change issue into sustainable socio- economic development in WTO and Globalization. Topic 3: support to comprehensive approach to reduction of sea level rise impacts for Red river basin and Cuu Long River Basin (adaptation and mitigation). Topic 4: support policy incentives for climate-friendly technology transfer, focus on carbon sequestration and capture. Topic 5: Support capacity building for focal point on climate change, focusing on the implementation of UNFCC to post-Kyoto analysis and implementation.
  9. Working Plan Task Forces/Joint Programme Outcomes 2008 2009 2010 2020 Outputs Dialogue on national program to dealing with climate Analysis report change Dialogue on impacts of current and future climate Working draft on development of change climate change impact scenarios Dialogue on the Eligibility and Sharing the Benefits Working draft on development of of Land Use, Land-Use Change Projects, and national and local models Forestry under the CDM Dialogue should soon remove the uncertainties on the Analysis report continuity of the CDM beyond 2012 Dialogue should give more focus on creating Analysis report incentives for climate-friendly technology transfer and absorption The dialogue must create innovative financing Analysis report options to support climate change Dialogue to exchange experiences and analyze A booklet and reports reviewing strategic approaches for action to address climate change Dialogue on climate change affects all aspects of Analysis report development Dialogue on Strengthen strategic coordination of aid Working draft on the national policy making program framework Promote coordination, information exchange between Analysis report programs/projects in relation to climate change
  10. ODA for Climate change 1. Climate change and disaster management ODA 2. Ozone Protection 3. Energy Efficiency Co-benefit Development Needs Climate Change (Infrastructure) ODA (CDM) Co-benefits Approach to Climate Change and CDM Co-benefits Areas of Action for Development and Climate Change • Partnership between Development Assistance and Cooperation in Climate Change • Good Practice Guidelines for the Co-benefits Approach
  11. IPCC 2007
  12. Proposal Comprehensive Approaches to Development and Climate change
  13. E F



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