Restrictive and nonrestrictive adjective clauses

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Restrictive and nonrestrictive adjective clauses

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Definition a. A restrictive adjective clause is one that is necessary to identify the noun that is modifies. b. A restrictive clause provides "essential" or identifying" information and does not require commas.

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  1. RESTRICTIVE AND NONRESTRICTIVE ADJECTIVE CLAUSES 1. Definition 1. Definition a. A restrictive adjective clause is  a. A nonrestrictive clause is one that  one that is is not necessary to identify the noun that  necessary to identify the noun that  it  modifies. it  modifies. b. A restrictive clause provides  b. A nonrestrictive clause provides  “essential”  or “identifying”  additional,  but “nonessential”  information and does not information and requires the use of commas. require commas. 2. Examples 2. Examples a.  Professor Hach, who teaches English   The professor who/that teaches   a. 1101, is  an excellent professor. English 1101 is an excellent teacher. Sally Ride, whom you met at my   b.  ø you met at my   party, is a  The woman  whom/that/            b. former astronaut. party  is a former astronaut. The Miami Herald, which is on the   c. The newspaper which/that is on the   c. table, has table has an interesting article on polar  an interesting article on polar  bears. bears. Dateline, which I watched last   d.  ø I The television show  which/that/       d. night, was watched informative. last night was informative. 3. Explanation 3. Explanation a. The adjective clauses in these  a. The adjectives clauses in these  examples are  examples are  essential in order to  not necessary to identify the nouns  identify which professor, that they which woman, which newspaper, or  modify.  We know which professor,  which woman,  television show is meant. newspaper and TV show because they  have  been identified by name,  Notice that restrictive (essential)  so the information b. provided in the adjective clause is  clauses can be introduced with that, who, whom,  additional  or nonessential. or  Leslie Biaggi, 2003    Miami­Dade College           Document downloaded from the “For the Classroom” area of The Grammar Exchange website,   Pearson Education.
  2. which and that the object pronoun  b. Nonrestrictive (nonessential)  clauses cannot can be  be introduced with that, and the  eliminated (ø) in examples b and d. pronoun object cannot be eliminated. Leslie Biaggi, 2003    Miami­Dade College           Document downloaded from the “For the Classroom” area of The Grammar Exchange website,   Pearson Education.
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