RF MEMS and Their Applicatio P2

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RF MEMS and Their Applicatio P2

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Electromechanical mobility analogies [42] Mechanical parameter Electrical parameter Voltage Current Conductance Inductance Capacitance Inductance per unit length Capacitance per unit length Characteristic impedance Impedance Admittance Short circuit Open circuit Current Voltage Variable Lumped network elements Transmission lines Immitances Source immitances Velocity, angular velocity Force, torque Damping Compliance Mass, mass moment of inertia Compliance per unit length Mass per unit length Characteristic mobility Mobility Impedance Clamped point Free point Force Velocity ABCD matrix form as: x1 ˙ F1 where Z0 = β= vp = 1 √ A ρE ω vp E 1 =√ ρ Cl Ml Cl Ml (1.2) (1.3) cos βx = j sin βx Z0  j...

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