Self-Expression Skill practice

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Self-Expression Skill practice

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  1. How Good Are Your Self-Expression Skills? Always Often Sometimes Rarely Ask yourself 1. I am able to ask for what I want and need 2. I careful plan what I want to accomplish before speaking 3. I understand that others may perceive words differently and I tailor my words to fit the audience 4. I use “I” statements when communicating my needs and feelings 5. I share personal, meaningful information about myself with people who are important to me 6. I emphasize the positive in my messages 7. After I’ve expressed my point of view or made a request, I check to see if the other person understood me correctly 8. I make sure my nonverbal message (my body language) fits with my verbal message 9. I am aware of and sensitive to differences in communication between men and women 10. I formulate an introduction to my message before speaking
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