Truyện ngắn tiếng Anh: Dragonheart

Chia sẻ: Nguyen Manh Tien | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:14

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Truyện ngắn tiếng Anh: Dragonheart

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'I won't be a cruel king. I won't kill dragons and peasants. I'll love my people and be kind to them. I'll always live by the Old Code.' Young Prince Einon is dying. His mother wants Draco, the Great Dragon, to help him. Draco says that he will help. But first the boy has to repeat these words. When Einon is king, he forgets the dragon's words. He is cruel to the peasants, and everybody in the country is unhappy and afraid. Draco and good Sir Bowen, a Knight of the Old Code, want to help the peasants. But...

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