Work Area Solutions

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Work Area Solutions

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Features • Field-configurable station outlets available in flush mount, surface mount and furniture mount styles • One-, two-, three-, four- or six-ports in a single-gang faceplate or four-, eight-, twelve-port dual-gang faceplates allow custom configurations utilizing a wide range of individual RJ11 or RJ45 jacks, F-81, RCA, S-Video, ST®, SC, MTRJ, LC or BNC connectors • Voice and data ID tabs come color-matched with each faceplate • Top and bottom labels allow discrete station identification • RJ45 jacks are available to support TrueNet® Category 5e, Category 6 and CopperTen™ structured cabling systems • A complete range of modular jacks and connector modules can be used interchangeably in all outlets, surface...

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