3g core network

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  • UMTS is real. In a continuously growing number of countries we can walk in the stores of mobile network operators or resellers and take UMTS PC cards or even third-generation (3G) phones home and use them instantly. Every day the number of equipments and their feature sets gets broader. The “dream” of multimedia on mobile connections, online gaming, video conferencing, real-time video or even mobile TV becomes reality. With rapid technical innovation the mobile telecommunication sector has continued to grow and evolve strongly....

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  • During the past years, there has been a quickly rising interest in radio access technologies for providing mobile as well as nomadic and fixed services for voice, video, and data. The difference in design, implementation, and use between telecom and datacom technologies is also getting more blurred.

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  • Đồ Án Tổng Hợp.Đề Tài: Tổng Quan Về Công Nghệ W-CDMA..Tên đề tài:..Tổng quan về công nghệ W-CDMA.Sinh viên: Nguyễn Trung Tuấn.GVHD:..Th.S. Trần Thanh Hà..Lớp:..09LTĐT..GVHD: Th.S. Trần Thanh Hà..1..SVTH: Nguyễn Trung Tuấn...Đồ Án Tổng Hợp.Đề Tài: Tổng Quan Về Công Nghệ W-CDMA..LỜI NÓI ĐẦU.Nhu cầu trao đổi thông tin là nhu cầu thiết yếu trong xã hội hiện đại. Các hệ thống.thông tin di động với khản năng giúp con người trao đổi thông tin mọi lúc, mọi nơi đã.

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  • Visions for systems beyond 3G foresee software defined radio as one of the core enablers of seamless service provision across the boundaries of different wireless transmission platforms. Such visions (e.g. [1]), assume the use of different types of network [2] ranging from fixed (e.g. xDSL) connections via short range wireless (PAN/VAN/HAN) schemes, wireless LANs and cellular radio networks to broadcast systems and beyond. Accessing such a variety of different networks will require highly flexible mobile terminals – a capability expected to be provided by software defined radios....

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