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  • “Abbott and Fisher again tackle the difficult problem of scalability in their unique and practical manner. Distilling the challenges of operating a fast-growing presence on the Internet into 50 easy-to understand rules, the authors provide a modern cookbook of scalability recipes that guide the reader through the difficulties of fast growth.” —Geoffrey Weber, Vice President, Internet Operations, Shutterfly

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  • Chapter 50 - Principles of pharmacology. Pharmacology, which is the science of drugs, is a great responsibility to any allied health professional. Medication mistakes made can injure or even cause the death of a patient. It is important to begin with a good working knowledge of the foundations of pharmacology. This chapter provides an overview of the role of drugs in ambulatory medical facilities.

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  • Microeconomics for MBAs 50. The Economic Way of Thinking for Managers. Microeconomics for MBAs develops the economic way of thinking through problems that MBA students will find relevant to their career goals. Maths is kept simple and the theory is illustrated with real-life scenarios

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  • Current recommendations also include influenza vaccine for routine annual administration to individuals with chronic illness at any age, to persons living in the same household as chronically ill individuals, and to all adults 50 years of age. Polyvalent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine is similarly recommended for adults ≥65 years of age and for all chronically ill persons.

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  • Current Controversies Even though vaccines are very safe and serious adverse events proven to be due to licensed vaccines are rare, the recent rise in the reporting of autism spectrum disorders has led some parents of affected children to claim that thimerosal—used as a preservative—is the cause of the problem. No study has yet implicated thimerosal or the vaccines in which it has been used as a likely cause of these disorders; however, fully 50% of cases before the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program concern autism allegedly due to mercury.

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  • Karnofsky was among the first to champion the evaluation of a chemotherapeutic agent's benefit by carefully quantitating its effect on tumor size and using these measurements to objectively decide the basis for further treatment of a particular patient or further clinical evaluation of a drug's potential.

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  • Mitomycin C undergoes reduction of its quinone function to generate a bifunctional DNA alkylating agent. It is a broadly active antineoplastic agent with a number of unpredictable toxicities, including delayed bronchospasm 12–14 h after dosing and a chronic pulmonary fibrosis syndrome more frequent at doses of 50–60 mg/m2. Cardiomyopathy has been described, particularly in a setting of prior radiation therapy. A hemolytic/uremic syndrome carries an ultimate mortality rate of 25–50% and is poorly treated by conventional component support and exchange transfusion.

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  • Primary prophylaxis (i.e., shortly after completing chemotherapy to reduce the nadir) of G-CSF to patients receiving cytotoxic regimens is associated with a 20% incidence of febrile neutropenia. "Dose-dense" regimens, where cycling of chemotherapy is intended to be completed without delay of administered doses, may also benefit, but such patients should be on a clinical trial. Administration of G-CSF in these circumstances has reduced the incidence of febrile neutropenia in several studies by about 50%.

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  • In this chapter, you will know the general structure of the ribosome (both prokaryotic and eukaryotic) (i.e. the 70 S prokaryotic ribosome is made up of the 30S and 50S ribosomal subunits. The 80S eukaryotic ribosome is made up of the 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits). Know that the large ribosomal subunits contain a “tunnel” through which the growing protein chain exits the ribosome. Know that the mRNA is associated with the small ribosomal subunit. Know the properties of the A-site, the P-site and the E-sites,...

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  • We’ve known about algorithms for millennia, but we’ve only been writing computer programs for a few decades. A big difference between the Euclidean or Eratosthenes age and ours is that since the middle of the twentieth century, we express the algorithms we conceive using formal languages: programming languages. Computer scientists are not the only ones who use formal languages. Optometrists, for example, prescribe eyeglasses using very technical expressions, such as “OD: -1.25 (-0.50) 180◦ OS: -1.00 (-0.25) 180◦”, in which the parentheses are essential.

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  • The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book On Value part 50. The purpose of this book is to supply, in a form suitable for laymen, guidance in the adoption and execution of an investment policy. Comparatively little will be said here about the technique of analyzing securities; attention will be paid chiefly to investment principles and investors’ attitudes.

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  • Ten Principles of Economics - Part 50. Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources. In most societies, resources are allocated not by a single central planner but through the combined actions of millions of households and firms. Economists therefore study how people make decisions: how much they work, what they buy, how much they save, and how they invest their savings. Economists also study how people interact with one another.

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  • Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Jerry Lee Ford Part 50. If you are new to programming with Microsoft WSH and VBScript and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you. Developed by computer science professors, books in the for the absolute beginner series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. You will acquire the skills that you need for more practical WSH and VBScript programming applications and will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios.

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  • Personal Area Network (PAN) – interconnection of personal digital devices Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) – connectivity spread over several buildings Local Area Network (LAN) – usually connects computers in a single building – this is the one most people have heard of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – public high-speed network with range of about 50 miles Wide Area Network (WAN) – consists of several smaller networks

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  • Sâu bể sục khí với cân nhắc Blower và nén Độ sâu tiêu biểu của các bể sục khí khuếch tán khác nhau trên phạm vi từ 3,50 đến 6,00 m. Phạm vi này được minh họa bằng một đánh giá của 98 bài kiểm tra được công bố ở Đức (Pöpel và Wagner, 1989) cho thấy sự phân bố xe tăng độ sâu sau: • bể độ sâu lớn hơn 6,00 m: 10% • độ sâu bể 4,00 đến 6,00 m:

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  • Detailed assessment of impacts of more than 50 Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in 11 provinces through which over 2,000 farmers were trained from 2005 to 2006 has shown many beneficial effects. Farmers have increased knowledge and their skills in planting and protecting citrus trees and at the same time they have increase awareness of the recording and post-harvest storage, marketing and especially the changes in farming practices significantly after participating in FFS.

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  • Các giá trị của nhà máy mạng và danh sách khách hàng đã được giảm $ 50.000, tương ứng, hoàn toàn chiếm giảm $ 100.000 đơn vị giá trị. Các phân tích của chuyên gia tư vấn chỉ ra rằng giá trị của danh sách khách hàng đã từ chối. Có một sự mất mát của khách hàng khi một lượng lớn người sử dụng lao động địa phương giảm số người đứng đầu địa phương của mình bằng cách củng cố hoạt động của các cơ sở khu vực bên ngoài khu vực địa phương....

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  • Các polyp đại tràng: Tỷ lệ tăng trưởng và Bệnh Học 50 Giardiello FM, Hamilton SR, Kern SE et al. Tân đại trực tràng polyposis vị thành niên hoặc polyp vị thành niên. Arch Dis trẻ em năm 1991; 66: 971-5. 51 Franzin G, Zamboni G, Dina R, Scarpa A, Fratton A. Vị Thành Niên và các khối u viêm của nghiên cứu mô học

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  • With an overall incidence of more than 800 cases per 1 million persons per year, only motor vehicle accidents cause more accidental deaths than burns. Advances in trauma and burn management over the past three decades have resulted in improved survival and reduced morbidity from major burns. Twenty-five years ago, the mortality rate of a 50% body surface area burn in a young adult was about 50%, despite treatment. Today, that same burn results in less than 10% mortality. Ten years ago, an 80 to 90% body surface area burn yielded 10% survival. Today, over 50% of these patients survive....

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  • The data exhibit no significant differences between WTA and WTP in either group. Thus, for these findings, endowment effect theory must be rejected. We also conclude that there is no significant difference between the young and the old. Excluding the difference of reference states, the experimental design was identical for both the seller and buyer groups. The median seller price is higher than the median buying price for each sample (Table 2). In the actual round, the coffee cup round, the median offer price for the sellers in the older population is $2.50 and...

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