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  • Cake is a rapid development framework for PHP that uses well-known design patterns and provides a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss of flexibility. It means you can code faster, your code is better, and it makes writing Web 2.0-style apps a snap. This book builds on your knowledge as a PHP developer to provide a fast-paced, step-by-step tutorial in building CakePHP applications. The book is packed with example code and demo applications, so that you can see techniques in action....

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  • The Need for Instruction Set Extensibility in a Signal Processor In the early 1990s, digital signal processing in wireless terminals mainly covered voice compression as well as channel equalization, coding and decoding techniques (also called ‘‘modem’’ function). Corresponding electronic systems built to optimize these applications tried to make the best trade-off between software and hardware in order to minimize system cost and power consumption. Software was mostly used as an efficient means to allow a quick evolution or on-the-fly correction of signal processing functions. ...

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  • A hands-on guide to building mobile applications, this book features concise and compelling examples that show you how to quickly construct real-world mobile applications for Android phones. Fully up-to-date for version 1.0 of the Android SDK, it covers all the essential features, and explores the advanced capabilities of Android.

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