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  • Andrew Sayer undertakes a fundamental critique of social science’s difficulties in acknowledging that people’s relation to the world is one of concern. As sentient beings, capable of flourishing and suffering, and particularly vulnerable to how others treat us, our view of the world is substantially evaluative.

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  • The Zoning Resolution’s off-street parking regulations were written before car sharing existed. Therefore, the zoning text currently addresses only private automobiles and car rental establishments, the latter of which are commercial uses. In addition, the definitions of “public parking lot” and “public parking garage” generally prohibit the storage of commercial vehicles in such facilities. However, car sharing is a use that is more appropriately characterized as somewhere between private automobile and traditional car rental. ...

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  • This study has investigated in a comparative fashion the effect of cation, polysaccharide, and Polyelectrolyte on the flocculation dynamics and final properties of both synthetic and activated sludge. The results from experiments indicate that cation, polysaccharide, and Polyelectrolyte could influence sludge floc characteristics as they relate to sludge conditioning. The relationship between polysaccharide and cation concentration was examined at laboratory scale during flocculation with both synthetic and activated...

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  • The volume includes Onsager's previously unpublished PhD thesis, a biography by H C Longuet-Higgins and M E Fisher, an autobiographical commentary, selected photographs, and a list of Onsager discussion remarks in print. Onsager's scientific achievements were characterized by deep insights into the natural sciences.

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  • Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a group of structurally related pro-teolytic enzymes containing a zinc ion in the active site. They are secreted from cells or bound to the plasma membrane and hydrolyze extracellular matrix (ECM) and cell surface-bound molecules.

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  • Protein–protein interactions are critical for protein trafficking, localization and the regulation of ion channels. Thehuman ether-a-go-go-related gene (herg) encodes the a-subunit of the potassium channel underlying the rapid component of the cardiac delayed rectifier current.

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  • Brassica junceachitinase is an endo-acting, pathogenesis-related protein that is classified into glycoside hydrolase family 19, with highest homology (50–60%) in its catalytic domain to class I plant chitinases. Here we report X-ray structures of the chitinase catalytic domain from wild-type (apo,as well as with chloride ions bound) and a Glu234Ala mutant enzyme, solved by molecular replacement and refined at 1.53, 1.8 and 1.7 A˚ resolution, respectively.

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  • Bermuda grass pollen (BGP) contains a very complex mixture of allergens, but only a few have been characterized. One of the allergens, with an apparent molecular mass of 21 kDa, has been shown to bind serum IgE from 29% of patients with BGP allergy. A combination of chromato-graphic techniques (ion exchange and reverse phase HPLC) was used to purify the 21 kDa allergen.

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  • The sensitive to lysis D (SlyD) protein fromEscherichia coliis related to the FK506-binding protein family, and it harbours both peptidyl-prolyl cis–transisomerase (PPIase) and chaperone-like activity, preventing aggre-gation and promoting the correct folding of other proteins. Whereas a functional role of SlyD as a protein-folding catalyst in vivo remains unclear, SlyD has been shown to be an essential component for [Ni–Fe]-hydrogenase metallocentre assembly in bacteria.

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  • Ribonuclease H1 (RNase H1) is a widespread enzyme found in a range of organisms from viruses to humans. It is capable of degrading the RNA moiety of DNA–RNA hybrids and requires a bivalent ion for activity. In contrast with most eukaryotes, which have one gene encoding RNase H1, the activity of which depends on Mg 2+ ions, Caenorhabditis eleganshas four RNase H1-related genes, and one of them has an isoform produced by alter-native splicing.

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  • We aim at finding the minimal set of fragments which achieves maximal parse accuracy in Data Oriented Parsing. Experiments with the Penn Wall Street Journal treebank show that counts of almost arbitrary fragments within parse trees are important, leading to improved parse accuracy over previous models tested on this treebank (a precis ion of 90.8% and a recall of 90.6%). We isolate some dependency relations which previous models neglect but which contribute to higher parse accuracy.

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  • Introduction: The rapid growth of the miniature electronic and computer-related industries has led to great demand for smaller and lighter batteries with improved safety, energy, and power characteristics. Lithium polymer batteries are expected to meet the above requirements and are thus considered as next-generation rechargeable batteries. The conventional lithium-ion batteries, which contain a large amount of liquid electrolyte, emit an appreciable amount of gas and this is attributed to the decomposition of a protective layer at the carbon surface. ...

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  • 11 Novel Materials and Processes for Pollution Control in the Mining Industry Alan Fuchs and Shuo Peng University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, Nevada Tremendous opportunities exist in the area of novel materials for environmental engineering applications. These opportunities have traditionally been in the areas of membranes, ion exchange, and adsorbents, but new areas relating to technological advances in “nanomaterials” and “bio-applications” have spawned new generations of designed materials for many pollution control applications.

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  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Atlas project, like the other ATLAS projects, is a systematic attempt to collect information from countries on existing services and resources. This project is led by the World Health Organization, Geneva, in collaboration with the WHO Regional Offi ces and partner organizat- ions.

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  • The compounds of La1-xCaxMnO3- δ with x=0.46 and 0.50 occupy special positions in the phase diagram of La1-xCaxMnO3-δ system due to their interesting properties and charge-ordering phase transition. The samples were prepared by a solid-state reaction method. The XPD patterns show that the samples are of a single-phase orthorhombic-perovskite structure. The chemical compositions of the samples are investigated by EDS. The concentrations of oxygen and Mn3+; Mn4+ ions have been determined by dichromate method.

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  • Abrus pulchellusseeds contain at least seven closely related and highly toxic type 2 ribosome-inactivating pulchellins, each consisting of a toxic A-chain linked to a sugar binding B-chain. In the present study, four pulchellin isoforms (termed P I, P II, P III and P IV) were isolated by affinity, ion exchange and chromatofocusing chromatographies, and investigated with respect to toxicity and sugar binding specificity.

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  • Peptides which should be generated from the neuropeptide FF (NPFF) precursor were identified in a neuronal (human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y) cell line and in COS-7 cells after transient transfection of the human proNPFFAcDNA and were comparedwith those detected in themouse spinal cord. After reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatogra-phy of soluble material, NPFF-related peptides were im-munodetected with antisera raised against NPFF and identified by using on-line capillary liquid chromatography/ nanospray ion trap tandem mass spectrometry. ...

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