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  • A preface rather induces a man to speak of himself, which is deemed the worst subject upon which he can speak. In history we become acquainted with things, but in a preface with the author; and, for a man to treat of himself, may be the most difficult talk of the two: for in history, facts are produced ready to the hand of the historian, which give birth to thought, and it is easy to cloath that thought in words. But in a preface, an author is obliged to forge from the brain, where he is sometimes known to...

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  • Published by HSRC Press Private Bag X9182, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa www.hsrcpress.ac.za First published 2010 ISBN (soft cover) 978-0-7969-2313-4 ISBN (pdf) 978-0-7969-2314-1 ISBN (e-pub) 978-0-7969-2315-8 © 2010 Human Sciences Research Council The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Human Sciences Research Council (‘the Council’) or indicate that the Council endorses the views of the authors.

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  • In order to provide the Electoral Task Team (ETT) with the most useful information on public attitudes, this survey of public opinion focuses first on measuring public views of the system they have in front of them, and second, on assessing what they want out of a voting system in general.

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  • This paper presents findings from a module in the HSRC’s 2006 South African Social Attitudes Survey that was designed by the Centre for the Analysis of South African Social Policy at the University of Oxford. Respondents were asked for their views on issues relating to the importance of work and the relationship between social grants and employment.

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  • This report marks the end of a unique, long-term and extensive teaching and learning intervention programme, the Quality Learning Project (QLP). In concluding the evaluation activities of the QLP, a reflection on the evaluation processes and findings is desirable. For this reason, some of the most important functions and roles of the QLP and its evaluation are placed in perspective. In doing so, the report emphasises the crucial nature and function of evaluation for teaching and learning, more so in view of the transformation context of the South African education system....

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  • Immediately on receiving official notification of the rupture of diplomatic relations between Austria and Servia, the Turkish Grand Vizier hastened to inform the Diplomatic Corps in Constantinople that Turkey would remain neutral in the conflict.

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  • Edinburgh is the old and charming capital of Scotland, where kilts and bagpipe music can be experienced in the streets. The sandstone buildings, the numerous exciting backyards in the old part of the city, the hills offering breathtaking views in and around the city and the fantastically beautiful surroundings are just a few of the things you can experience when visiting the city.

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  • The Chilean capital, Santiago, is a meeting place between cultures and nature. Here you find both new and old things, which have been influenced by both the Spanish and the Indian culture, and the architecture has a wonderful southern charm. Despite the size of the city, you are never far from nature in Santiago. In the city itself, you find large parks and several ridges from where you have beautiful views over Santiago and its surroundings.

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  • According to the focus group study in South Africa mentioned earlier, much of the abuse – and particularly domestic violence – occurred as a result of social disorder, exacerbated by crime, alcohol and drugs. Similar conclusions came from an exercise conducted by seven male community leaders of the Tamaho squatter camp in Katlehong, South Africa (15).

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  • publisher Woo Jin-Yung, Korean Culture and Information Service editing the booK CompanY e-mail webmaster@korea.net printing Jeonkwang printing&Information all rights reserved. no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission from KOrea and the Korean Culture and Information Service. the articles published in KOrea do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. the publisher is not liable for errors or omissions. If you want to receive a free copy of KOrea or wish to cancel a subscription, please e-mail us.

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  • The present work is the outcome of two lines of study pursued, with more or less interruption from other studies, for about thirty years. It will be observed that the book has two themes, as different in character as the themes for voice and piano in Schubert's "Frühlingsglaube," and yet so closely related that the one is needful for an adequate comprehension of the other.

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  • This book is an analysis of the relations of state, religion and politics in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It represents research and reflection at various times over the period of a decade, and a growing conviction that religion-state relations need to be studied from a comparative and historical point of view. The central focus is the important position Hindu temples occupy in modern Tamil Nadu politics, and the state's role in regulating and shaping them.

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  • THE way led along upon what had once been the embankment of a railroad. But no train had run upon it for many years. The forest on either side swelled up the slopes of the embankment and crested across it in a green wave of trees and bushes. The trail was as narrow as a man's body, and was no more than a wild-animal runway. Occasionally, a piece of rusty iron, showing through the forest-mould, advertised that the rail and the ties still remained. In one place, a ten-inch tree, bursting through at a connection, had lifted the end of a rail clearly into view. The tie...

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  • A word of explanation is perhaps necessary as to the form in which these experiences have been put together. The matter was originally collected with the object of sending a series of articles to the British Medical Journal. Various circumstances, however, of which the chief was the feeling that extending experience altered in many cases the views adopted at first sight, prevented the original intention from being carried into execution, and the articles, considerably expanded, are now published together....

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  • In the spring of 1879 I gave at the Old South Meeting-house in Boston a course of lectures on the discovery and colonization of America, and presently, through the kindness of my friend Professor Huxley, the course was repeated at University College in London. The lectures there were attended by very large audiences, and awakened such an interest in American history that I was invited to return to England in the following year and treat of some of the philosophical aspects of my subject in a course of lectures at the Royal Institution.

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  • This report is not a “how to guide.” It is a vehicle to present the initial work we have done toward the development of the “roadmap” previously discussed. Organizations looking for assistance in building or improving incident management capabilities should look to our other publications and available training as outlined at our main web site for CSIRT Development, http://www.cert.org/csirts/. Much of our initial work to date has been within the CSIRT community. This report, although applicable to broader incident management processes, is written from a CSIRT perspective.

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  • Back in New York City by 1910, Laurent began carving pieces such as The Priestess, which reveals his fascination with African, pre-Columbian, and South Pacific art. Taking a walnut plank, the sculptor carved the expressive, stylized design. It is one of the earliest examples of direct carving in American sculpture. The plank's form dictated the rigidly frontal view and the low relief. Even its irregular shape must have appealed to Laurent as a break with a long-standing tradition that required a sculptor to work within a perfect...

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  • While I was writing this document a book "Hack Proofing Your Network" was released. I haven't been able to read it (dunno if its in print yet, and besides - everything takes a while to get to South Africa). I did however read the first chapter, as it is available to the public. In this chapter the author writes about different views on IT security - hackers, crackers, script kiddies and everything in between. I had some thoughts about this and decided that it was a good starting point for this document....

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  • In many countries, problems associated with an absence of clear responsibilities, with the overlapping of institutional boundaries, duplication of work and a lack of co- ordination between involved institutions, are common obstacles to effective water pollution control (see Case Studies V, III, XIII, X and IV for South Africa, Philippines, Yemen, Russia and Nigeria). The analysis must include all relevant administrative levels, for example through intensive studies at the central level combined with visits and studies in selected regions at lower administrative levels.

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  • Frontispiece: The shorelines of Kawhia Harbour, a large embayrnent on the north-westem coastline of the North Island of New Zealand, have been the prime sources of Late Jurassic ammonites since the first collections by Hochstener in 1859. The illustrations show representative views ofthe south side of the harbour.

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