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Abiotic stress conditions

Xem 1-20 trên 28 kết quả Abiotic stress conditions
  • Proline (Pro) accumulation is a common response of several plant species to combat abiotic stresses. Under stress conditions, Pro acts as an excellent compatible solute in the plant system, participating in the alleviation of stress sensitivity.

    pdf24p vikimsa 22-02-2019 3 0   Download

  • Under drought stress, a signaling system induces the expression of specific genes to alleviate the harmful effects of drought stress. The BZIP gene is a transcription factor in the signaling abiotic stresses and plays a role in the regulation of responses to different stresses in plants.

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  • Cold stress is a major environmental factor in plant life cycles. Nicotiana benthamiana, which belongs to the family Solanaceae, is one of the most commonly used model species in plant–microbe interaction studies. This study will also be a valuable resource for crop improvement studies under abiotic stress conditions for Nicotiana plants.

    pdf25p vikimsa 22-02-2019 3 0   Download

  • Sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] is one of the top six most important crops in the world in terms of production. It has the capacity to tolerate marginal growing conditions better than most other crops. In this study, a proline- and glycine-rich protein encoding gene.

    pdf10p nutifooddau 27-01-2019 7 0   Download

  • Antioxidant enzymes play a protective role in plants under oxidative stress. The present study explores the role of antioxidant system heme oxygenase1 (HO1) in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. in salt stress conditions. B. juncea seedlings were treated with different NaCl concentrations (0–200 mM) for 5 days.

    pdf10p vikimsa 22-02-2019 1 0   Download

  • Plants are sessile organisms and as such must have mechanisms to deal with both abiotic and biotic stresses to ensure survival. The term “abiotic stress” includes many stresses caused by environmental conditions such as drought, salinity, UV and extreme temperatures. Due to global climate change it is predicted that abiotic stresses will increase in the near future and have substantial impacts on crop yields (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change;

    pdf397p thienbinh1311 13-12-2012 39 10   Download

  • Bean is an edible grain legume species with the greatest selectivity in terms of ecological conditions. Increasing the yield per unit area depends on identification and breeding of species resistant to different ecological conditions. In this regard, we aimed to evaluate mRNA levels of the PvLEA3 gene and lipid peroxidation levels in 7 different bean varieties subjected to NaCl and PEG stresses.

    pdf7p vikimsa 22-02-2019 5 0   Download

  • Drought stress is one of the most important yield-reducing factors in crop production. Sunflower, an oilseed crop, is severely affected by abiotic stress. In this study, 2 sunflower cultivars (Musala and Aydın) were evaluated in terms of various biochemical and physiological responses under 2 different polyethylene glycol-mediated drought stress conditions.

    pdf8p vi4mua 24-02-2019 5 0   Download

  • The purpose of this book is to provide the advances in plant in vitro culture as related to perennial fruit crops and medicinal plants. Basic principles and new techniques, now available, are presented in detail. The book will be of use to researchers, teachers in biotechnology and for individuals interested to the commercial application of plant in vitro culture.

    pdf220p camchuong_1 04-12-2012 64 22   Download

  • Dynamicity of participants: Some P2P systems, such as [10], assume a fixed set of nodes in the system. However, one of the greatest potential strengths of P2P systems is when they eschew reliance on dedicated infrastructure and allow peers to leave the system at will. Even under these conditions, participants typically have broadly varying availability characteristics. Some peers are akin to servers: their membership in the system stays largely static. Others have much more dynamic membership, joining and leaving the system at will.

    pdf14p yasuyidol 02-04-2013 49 7   Download

  • Building engineering physics emerged during the latter part of the 20th Century, at the interface between three disciplines: building services engineering, applied physics and building construction engineering. Building services engineering is the design of mechanical and electrical systems to maintain internal environmental conditions that enable occupants to be comfortable and achieve their maximum performance potential.

    pdf28p yeutinh98 26-09-2012 37 4   Download

  • The basic physics of sound propagation are simple, but the interaction of sound pressure waves with complex shapes and multi-layer constructions with openings, as you find in buildings, is more challenging. Controlling noise, both from the internal and external environment and from the internal mechanical and electrical services in buildings, is essential to create environments that promote aural communication and comfortable working conditions.

    pdf120p yeutinh98 26-09-2012 32 4   Download

  • So what was the impact, then, of these funds? The IDB’s conclusion is that social funds’ impact is not on employment and income. The big impact is on improvement in living conditions. The funds deliver gov- ernment services to poor communities that never had them before; they develop simple systems of targeting based on basic needs, and they build simple social infrastructure quite efficiently at low cost. They improve the living conditions of the poor even if the measured income of the poor does not go up very much.

    pdf29p thangbienthai 23-11-2012 17 4   Download

  • For most of the 1800s, hospitals had been a place where the chronically ill and indigent received charitable care because they had no family capable of shouldering the burden. Those who could afford it received care at home. But as the importance of asepsis began to be appreciated, surgical and acute care patients were more likely to be treated in hospitals designed to facilitate antiseptic conditions. Hospitals began charging for the use of their facilities. During the transition, medical bills began absorbing significant amounts of family income. Hospital costs rose from 7.

    pdf48p quaivatxanh 30-11-2012 28 4   Download

  • While the ECB’s policy response has, to a signifi cant extent, sheltered the non-fi nancial private sector from the sovereign debt crisis, and has avoided major disruptions in the fi nancing of the economy, the fi nancing environment of both banks and the non-fi nancial private sector of countries affected by the sovereign debt crisis remains challenging.

    pdf9p taisaocothedung 09-01-2013 29 4   Download

  • A study from 1979-1989 indicated that REITs performance is positively affected by the flow of information in the market. The demand for such information is largely attributable to institutional investors monitoring their investments (Chan, et al, 2003). Overall, institutional investor involvement in REITs market is essential and the lukewarm response from institutional investors may have contributed to the slow development of the Malaysian LPT market.

    pdf11p quaivatxanh 01-12-2012 29 3   Download

  • Ozone is a gas that is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). It is created by the oxides in the air’s nitrogen reaction with volatile organic compounds (VOC). Normally we think of ozone being higher in the atmosphere, also known as “good” ozone. However, when the conditions are right, ozone can occur at ground level, which is known as “bad” ozone. Sunlight and hot weather cause “bad” ozone in harmful concentrations. Thus in the summertime, urban areas have to be concerned about the amount of “bad” ozone. Why do you think urban areas are more...

    pdf6p tainhacmienphi 19-02-2013 27 3   Download

  • The choice of local breed depends upon availability in a particular region. Preferably, only the non-descript local animals and very lowly productive animals of recognized breeds should be used for crossbreeding. The destruction of valuable indigenous breeds with unique adaptability characters for those particular agro-climatic conditions should be avoided. Indigenous animals should be properly characterized prior to initiating crossbreeding to identify breeds with particularly valuable characteristics.

    pdf71p conduongdinhmenh 07-05-2013 27 3   Download

  • One of the largest sources of energy flow in many buildings is the sun. We are used to thinking of the sun in terms of providing light, which with proper design can avoid the need for artificial lighting in buildings for the majority of the year. In addition to light, solar heat gain through windows typically dominates the cooling demands of commercial buildings and without adequate control can lead to reliance on air conditioning. On the other hand, the same energy can also be harvested for both space and water heating in carefully designed buildings. ...

    pdf50p yeutinh98 26-09-2012 34 2   Download

  • The extensive use of visual images is a core feature of this book. Over 570 figures and 65 summary tables are used to illustrate various cardiovascular disease conditions and key concepts. The opportunity to write such a richly illustrated book is what drew me to this project. Over twenty years of teaching veterinary students and interacting with veterinary practitioners has convinced me of the importance of visual learning. Most of the images were collected in the course of my practice at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

    pdf397p bachduong1311 07-12-2012 25 2   Download


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