Absolute necessities

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  • This book grows out of 20 years’ banking research and training of bankers in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. As deregulation and competition are reducing margins around the world, the need for knowledge on Asset and Liability Management, the control of bank’s profit and risks, becomes an absolute necessity for any banker in charge of a profit centre, central bankers in charge of bank supervision, and banks’ auditors, consultants or lawyers.

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  • William Shakspeare, the protagonist on the great arena of modern poetry, and the glory of the human intellect, was born at Stratford-upon-Avon, in the county of Warwick, in the year 1564, and upon some day, not precisely ascertained, in the month of April. It is certain that he was baptized on the 25th; and from that fact, combined with some shadow of a tradition, Malone has inferred that he was born on the 23d. There is doubtless, on the one hand, no absolute necessity deducible from law or custom, as either operated in those times, which obliges us to adopt such a conclusion; for children...

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  • This book will give you the basics, the hows and whys of setting up a home-based business on eBay. I’ve authored several best-selling books about running a business on eBay. This book gives you the information you need to get started in one nifty (albeit heavy) volume.

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  • Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Nonsense. I think laziness is the mother of invention. Our ancestors invented things too, didn’t they? Mankind develops new technologies quickly, all to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Simple is just another word for easy, however, so you could argue we made such great progress because we didn’t want to do quite so much work. Amazing thought, isn’t it? The world absolutely condemns lazy behavior, but deep down we are all engaged with it.

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