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Accessing existing data

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  • Ebook "Measurement and control of charged particle beams" we have tried to coherently organize this material so as to be useful to designers and operators in the commissioning and operation of particle accelerators. A point of emphasis has been to provide, wherever possible, experimental data to illustrate the particular concept under discussion. Of the data pre­ sented, most are collected from presently existing or past accelerators and we regret the problem of providing original data some of which appear in less accessible publications - for possible omissions we apologize.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Odoo development essentials: Fast track your development skills to build powerful Odoo business applications" provides readers with contents including: chapter 1 - getting started with Odoo development; chapter 2 - building your first Odoo application; chapter 3 - inheritance – extending existing applications; chapter 4 - data serialization and module data; chapter 5 - models – structuring the application data;...

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  • Lack of access to high-frequency, high-volume patient-derived data, such as mechanical ventilator waveform data, has limited the secondary use of these data for research, quality improvement, and decision support. Existing methods for collecting these data are obtrusive, require high levels of technical expertise, and are often cost-prohibitive, limiting their use and scalability for research applications.

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  • The rise in popularity and accessibility of DNA methylation data to evaluate epigenetic associations with disease has led to numerous methodological questions. As part of GAW20, our working group of 8 research groups focused on gene searching methods.

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  • Lecture Java technologies: Objects and classes – Ho Dac Hung introduces contents such as objects and classes, the vocabulary of oop, objects, using existing classes, building employee class, constructors, method access to private data, method parameters.

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  • The find a dominance of quantitative approaches that tend to use existing (and often limited) forms of survey data, and a relative absence of detailed qualitative research. As such, we argue there is an urgent need for transformative research and policy activities within Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to support access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy services for all.

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  • Smartphones have become increasingly popular around the world in recent years, therefore, smartphone applications, especially for Android and iOS, are greatly in need these days. For legacy system with outdated user interface that has little usability on handheld devices such as Hanoi University’s Student Management system for Students, a smartphone application built on existing web service provides a convenient means of accessing student data on-the-fly. In this paper, the construction of Hanu Student Core application on Android platform will be examined.

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  • The increasing application of next generation sequencing technologies has led to the availability of thousands of reference genomes, often providing multiple genomes for the same or closely related species. The current approach to represent a species or a population with a single reference sequence and a set of variations cannot represent their full diversity and introduces bias towards the chosen reference.

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  • Single cell gene expression assays have become a powerful tool with which to dissect heterogeneous populations. While methods and software exist to interrogate such data, what has been lacking is a unified solution combining analysis and visualisation which is also accessible and intuitive for use by non-bioinformaticians, as well as bioinformaticians.

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  • A number of different molecular interactions data download formats now exist, designed to allow access to these valuable data by diverse user groups. These formats include the PSI-XML and MITAB standard interchange formats developed by Molecular Interaction workgroup of the HUPO-PSI in addition to other, usespecific downloads produced by other resources.

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  • Recently, with the access of low toxicity biological and targeted therapies, evidence of the existence of a long-term survival subpopulation of cancer patients is appearing. We have studied an unselected population with advanced lung cancer to look for evidence of multimodality in survival distribution, and estimate the proportion of long-term survivors.

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  • Thirty Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC. accessions were evaluated for genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for four yield attributing traits collected from different parts of India. The analysis of variance for mean squares for different characters was found to be highly significant for most of the characters under study except for lamina width, petiole length and internode length.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to analyze the financial institutions which are providing finances to the entrepreneurs in a small town of Pakistan. The research is conducted to review the existing conditions, problems / barriers / hindrances in access of venture for female entrepreneurs based in a small town. The analysis is based on primary data collection through survey questionnaire, the sample is (50) fifty female entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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  • Globalization has forced many countries to rely on one another for products and services which they are unable to source locally. More so, trade is used as the channel to procure those. South Africa and China share very close relations which are boosted by South Africa’s neo-liberal policy, and its membership of the BRICS bloc. Often, this relationship has been subjected to different interpretations leading to the inability to reach a consensus on South Africa’s intention and exact benefits from neo-liberalization and membership of BRICS bloc.

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  • The paper presents an analysis of roadway factors and posted speed limits that affect the operating speed at multi-lane highways in Egypt. Field data on multi-lane highways in Egypt are used in this investigation. The analysis considers two categories of highways. The first consists of two desert roads (Cairo–Alexandria and Cairo–Ismailia desert roads) and the second consists of two agricultural roads (Cairo–Alexandria and Tanta–Damietta agricultural roads). The paper includes three separate relevant analyses.

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  • Research on online interactions during a learning situation to better understand users' practices and to provide them with quality-oriented features, resources and services is attracting a large community. As a result, the interest for sharing educational data sets that translate the interactions of users with elearning systems has become a hot topic today. However, the current systems aggregating social and usage data about their users suffer from a series of weaknesses. In particular, they lack a common information model that would allow for exchanges of interaction data at a large scale.

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  • This paper describes three building blocks of a technological Knowledge Management (KM) system that provides all relevant and practical means of supporting KM and thus differentiates itself from existing KM tools in goal and approach, as they usually deal with a limited range only. The three blocks described within this paper are: a virtual information pool, which utilizes Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), a single and central user interface providing ubiquitous access, and mechanisms to enrich the available data, essentially based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining techniques.

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  • That is it cannot limit the data access control to the authorized users. In this work a novel algorithm namely Privacy enhanced Data Access Control Scheme is proposed to overcome the problem exist in the existing work. In the existing work data access control is limited to the user from the unauthorized users whereas in the proposed algorithm aim to limit the data access control to the authorized user.

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  • In this paper, the problem of analysis and design of large-scale multiple beamforming system is considered by system theory approach. We consider the response of system parameters by set of objective functions in a critical condition, which is unable to access measurement data or the data size is large. The reduced-order model is built and the robust solution is found for a multiple beamforming system. The Monte Carlo simulation results show that the proposed multiple beamforming system yields significant performance against over existing methods.

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  • File processing is the process of creating, storing and accessing content of files. File processing can be used in opening saved files for read only purpose. It can be used to save a new file or displace the existing one. Through file processing you can make new files and save the existing files. You can also modify files through this process.

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