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  • It would have been much easier for me to write this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT if I were a well established scientist of international fame. I could then write in a pastoral manner about sweet recollections of the past, starting with a certain scientist, also internationally famous of course, who came to visit my lab and suggested that I should write such a book. Knowing that the whole world was watching and waiting, I had set aside all the other very important works and devoted most of my time to the writing of this path-blazing masterpiece.

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  • This method is real-time PCR, which can be a qualitative or quantitative assay since amplification and detection of amplified products occur simultaneously. Then, typing is performed. Typing is primarily used for epidemiologic investigations, for studies on pathogenesis such as multiple serotype infections, for unusual or especially severe infections, or for treatment approaches such as high titer γ-globulin. The nucleotide sequences from these fragments were determined by a DNA auto sequencer with fluorescent dideoxy chain terminators.

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  • GTP-binding proteins of the Rab family were cloned from human platelets using RT-PCR. Clones corresponding to twonovelRabproteins,Rab31 andRab32, and toRab11A, which had not been detected in platelets previously, were isolated. The coding sequence of Rab31(GenBank acces-sion no. U59877) corresponded to a 194 amino-acid protein of 21.6 kDa. TheRab32sequence was extended to 1000 nucleotides including 630 nucleotides of coding sequence (GenBank accession no.

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