Acid attack

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  • TCVN 1048 1988. Thủy tinh - Xác định độ bền axit và phân cấp (Glass - Determination of durabitity from acid attack and classification). Tiêu chuẩn này thay thế TCVN l048: 1971. Tiêu chuẩn này quy định phương pháp xác định và phân cấp độ bền axit của thủy tinh silicat.

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  • Attackers break into the web application by thinking like a programmer: identifying how the application is intended to work and determining shortcuts used to build the application. The hacker then attempts to interact with the application and its surrounding infrastructure in malicious ways simply by using the web browser or any of a large number of automatic hacker tools, such as CGI scanners and HTTP proxys.

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  • But these two points are relatively minor. The main question addressed by our health damages modeling is: just how significant are health damages attributable to maquiladora emissions? On the face of it, the damages are quite serious. Even if we assume conservatively that emissions are controlled at U.S. levels, the iron foundry is accountable for four emergency room visits, thousands of adult respiratory symptom days, and hundreds of asthma attacks every year. If we assume that the level of pollution control is the average between the “no controls” and “U.S.

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  • Excessive inflammatory responses can be horribly destructive. Unsurprisingly, therefore, immune responses are dampened down and fine-tuned in a multitude of ways to minimize their damaging effects. Four articles in this issue provide examples of such immune regulation on four different levels. Wolfgang Junger (page 201) explains that cells take it upon themselves to control their behaviour to extracellular cues through autocrine feedback loops involving purinergic receptors.

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  • Dental problems such as caries, erosion, epulis, periodontal infection, loose teeth, and ill-fitting crowns, bridges, and dentures (prostheses) may have special significance during pregnancy (5;8;9;19;2325). Tooth decay is the result of repeated acid attacks on the tooth enamel. Any increase in tooth decay during pregnancy may be due to changes in diet and oral hygiene. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy can cause extensive erosion. Pregnancy gingivitis is present in over 30 percent of pregnant women. At the time of labor and delivery, dislodged teeth or prostheses could cause complications....

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  • The production of free radicals (ROS) is an unavoidable consequence of life in an aerobic environment. Free radicals produced from the metabolic activities of oxygen attack biological membranes and lipoproteins via oxidation in a process called lipid perioxidation. This attack damages cells and lipids often in a chain reaction with carbon-based molecules such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in a reaction with molecular oxygen. This creates oxidative stress and damage to tissues. Free radicals also damage chromosomal DNA.

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  • This experiment aimed to synthesize isoamyl acetate and understand preparing ester’s mechanism. The test compounds underwent reflux, distillation, extraction and vacuum filtration. Through an acid, acetic acid could serve as a substrate. This could easily be attacked by isoamyl alcohol, thus producing isoamyl acetate.

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  • Microbial spoilage is manifested by a variety of sensory cues such as off-colours, off- odours, off- flavours, softening of vegetables and fruits, and slime. However, even before it becomes obvious, microbes have begun the process of breaking down food molecules for their own metabolic needs. Sugars and easily digested carbohydrates are used first, plant pectins are degraded. Then proteins are attacked, producing volatile compounds with characteristic smells such as ammonia, amines, and sulfides.

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  • What is the impact of damage on classic works of art from the past? It is true that we strive to preserve and repair them, but perhaps the accidents of history have the effect of renewing rather than destroying art works. Vandalized works seem strangely modern. In 1977 a vandal attacked a Rembrandt self-portrait with sulfuric acid, transforming the masterpiece forever and regrettably. 8 Nevertheless, the problem is not that the resulting image no longer belongs in the history of art. ...

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  • Two techniques are used for leaching uranium ores - acid leaching using mainly sulfuric acid and alkaline (using a mixture of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate). Alkaline leaching is particulary advantageous in the treastment of the ores with high content of carbonate minerals, since these minerals are not attacked by carbonate solutions. The effect of oxidants, grind size, carbonate concentration and leaching time on the efficiency of uranium recovery from the ores containing 3.5% of carbonate was investigated.

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