Acid bath

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  • JON KARYL was bolting in a new baffle plate on the stationary rocket engine. It was a tedious job and took all his concentration. So he wasn't paying too much attention to what was going on in other parts of the little asteroid. He didn't see the peculiar blue space ship, its rockets throttled down, as it drifted to land only a few hundred yards away from his plastic igloo. Nor did he see the half-dozen steel-blue creatures slide out of the peculiar vessel's airlock. It was only as he crawled out of the depths of the rocket power plant...

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  • Genomic sequencing of the methanotrophic bacterium,Methylococcus cap-sulatus (Bath), revealed an open reading frame (MCA2590) immediately upstream of the previously described mopEgene (MCA2589). Sequence analyses of the deduced amino acid sequence demonstrated that the MCA2590-encoded protein shared significant, but restricted, sequence simi-larity to the bacterial di-heme cytochrome c peroxidase (BCCP) family of proteins.

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  • A one-gram, oven-dried sample of extractive-free bamboo was placed in a 150 mL beaker. Fifteen mL of cold sulfuric acid (72 percent) was added slowly while stirring and mixed well. The reaction proceeded for two hours with frequent stirring in a water bath maintained at 20 o C. When the two hours had expired, the specimen was transferred by washing it with 560 mL of distilled water into a 1,000 mL flask, diluting the concentration of the sulfuric acid to three percent. An allihn condenser was attached to the flask. The apparatus was placed in...

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  • Soluble methane mono-oxygenase (sMMO) ofMethylo-coccus capsulatus (Bath) catalyses the O2-dependent and NAD(P)H-dependent oxygenation of methane and numer-ous other substrates. During puri®cation, the sMMO enzyme complex, which comprises three components and has a molecular mass in excess of 300 kDa, becomes inac-tivated because of cleavage of just 12 amino acids from the N-terminus of proteinB, which is the smallest component of sMMOand theonlyonewithout prosthetic groups.

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