Active teaching methods applied

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  • Students are passive learners in traditional teaching model. Shifting from passive teaching methods to active teaching approach, lecturers and students are required to think and solve problems actively. Students will find information through the lectures, while teachers will plan, organize and coordinate activities in the classroom. In this paper, we present and analyze some active teaching methods applied in training system towards CDIO educational framework.

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  • The current work tries to inquiry how different teaching methods affect on the student’s emotional performance. The traditional questionnaire for data collection has been replaced by in-situ, on-lineassisted, survey. This instrument was continoulsy applied over the course of 17 General Science lessons. The experiment involved 120 prospective primary education teachers.

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  • The cross product of two vectors is important concept which is applied in solving many problems when using the spatial coordinate method. By applying the Theory of Didactical Situations in Mathematics, the authors designed teaching situation that they call “the cross product of two vectors concept” in which students learn through situations that involve action, communication and validation.

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  • Teaching skill is one of the three factors that make up the teaching capacity of teachers. During the implementation of classroom activities, teachers can apply a lot of teaching skills to improve the quality of their lessons. The skill of making questions and presentation are used with great frequency by teachers. Based on understanding the nature of these teaching skills, the paper focuses on proposing a number of measures to promote the advantages and overcome the shortcomings in using these skills.

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  • Active differentiated instruction aims to empower learners to choose their appropriate learning activities. The question is how to apply this method in teaching physiology curriculum for elementary school students, as well as the method of planning and organizing the active differentiated instruction.

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