Activist ethics

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  • The philosopher Schopenhauer believed in the eventual triumph of truth, despite the disappointments engendered by his indifferent contemporaries. Two centuries later, we live in a time of accelerated changes, and we do not have the long life to wait for the truth. Activist business ethics, business ethics with a more activist militant approach, is needed in order to remedy the wrongdoing committed to the stakeholders and minority shareholders.

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  • The subject of safeguarding the rights of minority shareholders has not received much attention until now. After experiencing more and more cases of wrongdoing throughout my business career, I have decided to explore thoroughly the subject and devote several years to study the matter in a theoretical and empirical research.

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  • Peter Singer made animal rights an international concern in 1975 when he published Animal Liberation, an instant classic depicting the shocking and widespread abuse of animals. Thirty years later, Singer reflects upon changes and new challenges by bringing together specially commissioned essays by philosophers and activists, chronicling current thoughts on animal suffering, reassessing the question of personhood, and highlighting tales of effective advocacy.

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  • In early summer 2004, off the northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, four swimmers were suddenly surrounded by a pod of bottlenose dolphins herding them into a tight circle. The dolphins were agitated, flapping at the water, and they continuously circled the swimmers, keeping them close together for over half an hour. A lifeguard patrolling in a boat nearby saw the commotion and dove in with the swimmers to find out what was happening. While under water, he saw a great white shark, now swimming away, beneath the swimmers.

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  • The Professional Responsibility course (by whatever name it is called at your school) is about the law and ethics that govern relationships lawyers have with clients, other lawyers, the profession, the justice system, and the public. It is the only law course in the typical law school curriculum that is about what lawyers do. In Torts, Contracts, and so on, you study law that affects clients' relationships with others and that lawyers interact with as an expert a step removed from the actual effect of the law.

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  • Increasing numbers of people--including actress Drew Barrymore, pop star Moby, and actor Alec Baldwin--are embracing veganism, a lifestyle that entails avoiding all animal-based products and behaving ethically and conscientiously within our surroundings. In The Vegan Sourcebook, long-time activist Joanne Stepaniak further explores and illuminates the principles and practical aspects of compassionate living.

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