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  • The American Institute of Steel Construction, founded in 1921, is the non-profit technical specifying and trade organization for the fabricated structural steel industry in the United States. Executive and engineering headquarters of AISC are maintained in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • The aim of this primer is to provide the reader with a self-contained, introductory account of the science of electrochemistry. It seeks to explain the origin of electrode potentials, show their link with chemical thermodynamics and to indicate why their measurement is important in chemistry. In so doing some ideas about solution non-ideality and how ions move in solution are helpful, and essential diversions into these topics are made in Chapters 2 and 3

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  • These and all subsequent regressions include our full array of demographic and time controls, but we only report the distance coefficients for the sake of brevity.12 All regressions report robust standard errors, which are adjusted for possible correlation between the error terms of observations drawn from the same household. The first column of Table 2 summarizes the relationship between distance and diary week spending. Diary week spending declines significantly over the pay period at a rate of 0.8 percent per day. Over the entire pay period this implies a substantial decline. E.g.

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  • The paper deals with the Debye-Huckel equations for determination of activity coefficients of ions in the salt mediums of various ionic strengths. The empirical and proposed by the authors have been used. The arbitrary parameters have been defined by non-linear regression algorithm. Based on the least squares and variance between calculated and experimental data, the best regression equations were found. All programs were written by PASCAL language.

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  • The effect of gadolinium ions on the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) calcium release channel⁄ryanodine receptor (RyR1) was studied using heavy SR (HSR) vesicles and RyR1 isolated from rabbit fast twitch muscle. In the [ 3 H]ryanodine binding assay, 5lmGd 3+ increased the Kd of the [ 3 H]ry-anodine binding of the vesicles from 33.8 nmto 45.6 nmwhileBmax, refer-ring to the binding capacity, was not affected significantly. In the presence of 18 nm[ 3 H]ryanodine and 100lmfree Ca 2+ ,Gd 3+ inhibited the binding of the radiolabeled ryanodine with an apparentKd value of 14.

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  • A back -propagation artificial neural net has been trained to estimate the activity values of a set of 18 N-alkyl-N-acyl- -aminoamide derivatives from the results of molecular mechanics and RHF/PM3/SCF MO semi-empirical calculations. The input descriptors include molecular properties such as the partition coefficient P, 3d structure dependent parameters, charge dependent parameters, and topological descriptors.

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  • The paper deals with non-linear least square algorithm applied to determine simultaneously equilibrium constant pKb or log , activity coefficients of ions HA+ and of neutral molecules fA for aqueous solution of monoprotic bases from pH data at different ionic forces established by inert salts. It has been shown that the calculation results of log HA+, logfA and log as well could be in a very good agreement the not so large number of experimental data when the experimental data are fully treated in order to receive INPUT data with high precision.

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  • This paper deals with the non-linear least square algorithm applied to determine simultaneously equilibrium constants lg 1, lg 2; activity coefficients of ions (lg HA-, lg A2-) and of neutral molecule (lgfH2A) for aqueous solutions of fumaric, sucinat acids from pH values at different ionic forces establishzed by inert salts NaCl, NaClO, KCl, KNO3 and NaNO3. It has been shown that the calculation results of lgfH2A, lg HA-, lg A2- and lg 1, lg 2 are in a good agreement with experimental data as long as the experimental INPUT data have high precision.

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  • The statistical check of Davies’s equations for calculation of ionic activity coefficients were realized by the comparison of experimental ionic activity coefficients values with those caculated using Davies’s equations. Obtained results showed that at I 0.5 for 55% examined cases the difference in the experimental values of lgfi with those calculated from Davies’s equations with parameters 0.2 and 0.3 is negligible (with the 0.01 level of significance). At I > 0.

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  • The hexameric glutamate dehydrogenase ofClostridium symbiosumhas pre-viously been shown to undergo a pH-dependent inactivating conformational change that perturbs the environment of one or more Trp residues and is reversed by glutamate in a highly cooperative fashion with a Hill coefficient of almost 6.

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  • The cytochromeb559 content was examined in five types of isolated photosystem II D1-D2-cytochromeb559reaction center preparations containing either five or six chlorophylls per reaction center. The reaction center complexes were obtained following isolation procedures that differed in chromatographic column material, washing buffer compo-sition and detergent concentration. Two different types of cytochromeb559assays were performed. The absolute heme content ineachpreparationwas obtainedusing theoxidized-minus-reduced difference extinction coefficient of cyto-chrome b559 at 559 nm. ...

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  • BASIC THEORY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SCATTERING 1 11 . 12 . . 13 14 . 2 3 4 Dyadic Green’s Function Green’s Functions Plane Wave Represent at ion Cylindrical Waves Spherical Waves Huygens’ Principle and Extinction Sensing and Bistatic Theorem Scattering 54 54 55 57 59 60 66 68 73 73 and Active Remote Coefficients Optical Reciprocity Reciprocity Reciprocal Scattering Symmetry Eulerian T-Matrix T-Matrix Unitarity Theorem

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  • The power rate densities based on the original FEW coefficients and the all-negative coefficients for the three full-size vehicle tests are shown in Figs. 2.30 and 2.31, respectively. Note that in Fig. 2.31, the must-activate tests, #2' and #3', are well separated from the #1 test after the introduction of the all-negative coefficients. In crash severity analyses using power rate density (prd) and FEW coefficients, it has been assumed that the FEW coefficients be given before the prd computation.

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  • The population elasticity is now slightly below one at 0.92. A higher rate of urbanization has the expected positive impact on emissions. The share of population in the economically active age groups now becomes marginally insignificant. The reason for this could be the high correlation between the two variables (partial correlation coefficient of 0.65). Lastly, in column V we add the average household size to our model. Note that this variable is available for all countries in the sample, but not over the entire estimation period.

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  • The effects of expanded graphite, carbon fibre, needle coke and polyacene, when used as positive electrode additives, on the PbO2 electrode behaviour of lead/acid batteries are studied. It is found that, during the initial stage of charge/discharge cycling, all of the additives are able to raise appreciably the coefficient of utilization of the positive active material. By contrast, they cause, to differing degrees, a reduction in service life when a certain nitrogenous heterocyclic compound (AS) is added to the positive active material. ...

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  • Note that the population share of the economically active age groups now becomes more clearly insignificant. This suggests that its initial statistical significance might be entirely due to its correlation with the urbanization rate as pointed out above and its correlation with the average household size (partial correlation coefficient of )0.58). In other words, it would appear that the urbanization rate and average household size are the demographic factors that really matter.

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