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  • The following chapter is designed to be a ready reference to legal procedure, terminology, and sequence of events in a civil case. All information is from the perspective of the expert, so that he may be properly prepared at every stage.

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  • With this new edition of Effective Expert Witnessing, Dr. Matson has added new information that is critical to expert witnessing in the late 1990s. In the decade since the first edition of this book was published, expert witnessing has been transformed by a series of court rulings generally concerned with the reliability, relevancy, and admissibility of expert testimony. Expert witnessing and trial strategy have not been the same since these decisions.

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  • Common to these episodes is a struggle to manage tensions associated with the (long- term) movement of accountants into markets that have not been conventionally associated with their professional expertise and status.

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  • There were around 20 million enterprises in the non-financial business economy across the EU-27 in 2005; of these enterprises 99.8% were SMEs, the majority of which were micro enterprises. It is recognised that an SME-friendly business environment (e.g. in the Small Business Act), both at Community level and in the Member States, is crucial for growth and jobs in Europe. In some key industries, such as textiles, wood products, metal products, publishing, construction and furniture-making, they account for more than 70% of all jobs.

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  • This report considers the significance of the main urban pests and the medical conditions they create, as well as the resulting economic cost of the burden of disease, when data were available. It also proposes technical and policy options for governments that desire to implement adequate surveillance and contingency plans. The report is based on contributions from international experts in the fields of pests, pest- borne diseases and pest management, invited by the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bonn. The office acted as secretariat for the working group.

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