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  • Contents Introduction Acknowledgments About the Authors Part One Getting Started Chapter 1 Elementary XML Schema Chapter 2 XSD Elements Chapter 3 Adding Attributes Part Two Going Beyond DTDs Chapter 4 Applying Datatypes Chapter 5 Data Facets Chapter 6 More about Data Facets Chapter 7 Grouping Elements and Attributes Chapter 8 Deriving Types

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  • We investigate authorship attribution using classifiers based on frame semantics. The purpose is to discover whether adding semantic information to lexical and syntactic methods for authorship attribution will improve them, specifically to address the difficult problem of authorship attribution of translated texts.

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  • Attributes are a simple technique for adding metadata information and behavior to code within applications. You use the reflection technique to pick the attribute related information at runtime. This chapter introduces attributes and reflection and the functions they perform in C# applications. This chapter discusses attribute syntax, and how to use some of the predefined attributes. This chapter discusses also discusses how to create customized user-defined attributes. In addition, this chapter discusses reflection and how to use it to extract attribute related information. ...

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  • Within the additional morbidity cases, the highest incidence in all three countries is registered for acute bronchitis in children younger than 15 years. Some 21’000 cases in Austria, some 250’000 cases in France and some 24’000 cases in Switzerland were attributable to road traffic-related air pollution in 1996. The second highest frequency is obtained for the incidence of chronic bronchitis in adults. In 1996, the number attributable to road traffic-related air pollution amounts to ca 2’700 cases in Austria, 20’400 cases in France and 2’200 cases in Switzerland.

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  • 94 Chapter 2: The HTML Language Example 2.23: HTML code for image scaling Example 2.23 Wide Style Figure 2.23: A scaled-up image Imagemaps are an extension to the concept of document linking. An imagemap is an ordinary image upon which a set of subareas have been defined, each of which is a hyperlink to a different URL. An image becomes imagemapped when the usemap attribute is added to the image element with a value that matches the name or id attribute value of a map element placed elsewhere in the document. The map element contains a set...

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  • The Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) is the central repository in which all objects in an enterprise and their respective attributes are stored. It is a hierarchical, multimaster enabled database, capable of storing millions of objects. Because it is multimaster, changes to the database can be processed at any given domain controller (DC) in the enterprise regardless of whether the domain controller is connected or disconnected from the network.

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  • The AD database contains all information about objects in all the domains from logon authentication to objects in the directory. A hierarchical structure made up of multiple domains that trust each other is called a tree. A set of object definitions and their associated attributes is called a schema. All domains in a tree will share the same schema and will have a contiguous namespace. A namespace is a collection of domains that share a common root name. An example of this is,, and ...

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  • UPLOADING FILES Figure 6-7. The class removes spaces from filenames and prevents files from being overwritten. Uploading multiple files You now have a flexible class for file uploads, but it can handle only one file at a time. Adding the multiple attribute to the file field s tag permits the selection of multiple files in an HTML5compliant browser. Older browsers also support multiple uploads if you add extra file fields to your form. The final stage in building the Ps2_Upload class is to adapt it to handle multiple files. To understand how the code works, you need to see what happens to...

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  • Incomplete or incorrect information about a mandate also can influence behavior in ways that are not commonly explained by typical assumptions of rationality. There is evidence that people are more responsive the more salient—or more notable—is the true price (or other important attribute) of an item.

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  • Buying advertising on the Mobile Web is similar to buying display advertising on the Internet. Graphical, interactive display ads are the predominant ad unit. In most cases, Mobile Web banner ad impressions can be purchased on a cost per thousand (CPM) or a cost per click (CPC) basis. Mobile offers targeting possibilities beyond that of traditional media. As this develops further, we would expect to see a range of targeting options made available covering context, demographic and behavioral attributes.

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  • Interest in the use of large objects (LOBs) continues to grow, particularly for storing nontraditional datatypes such as images. The Oracle database has been able to store large objects for some time. Oracle8 added the capability to store multiple LOB col- umns in each table. Oracle Database 10g essentially removes the space limitation on large objects. Object-oriented programming Support of object structures has been included since Oracle8i to allow an object-ori- ented approach to programming.

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  • Access  Economics’  estimates  for  value  added  and  employment  attributable  to  the  international  education  sector  are  reported  in  Table  5  below.  Total  expenditure  on  international services in Australia of $14.1 billion resulted in a value added of around $12.6  billion  and  accounted  for  126,240  full‐time  equivalent  (FTE)  jobs  being  created.

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  • Incoming data on the labor market have remained disappointing. Private-sector employment has grown only sluggishly, the small decline in the unemployment rate is attributable more to reduced labor force participation than to job creation, and initial claims for unemployment insurance remain high. Firms are reluctant to add permanent employees, citing slow growth of sales and elevated economic and regulatory uncertainty.

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  • Windows 2000 Server: Những thuộc tính .Chúng ta đã bàn luận về AD classes, và bây giờ chúng ta sẽ bàn luận về những thuộc tính AD. Những thuộc tính (Attributes) được định nghĩa trong mô hình như đối tượng của attributeSchema. Mỗi thuộc tính sẵn có được đại diện trong mô hình AD cơ sở.

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  • Loan rates can be separated into two major components – the interest rate paid to depositors and the rate added on by banks. That difference between the deposit rate and the loan rate is commonly referred to as the spread. The size of banking spreads serves as an indicator of efficiency in the financial sector because it reflects the costs of intermediation that banks incur (including normal profits).

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  • A comparison of ME with manufacturing discloses structural discrepancies that are typical. Wages and productivity are higher than for the average of all of manufacturing. This can be attributed to the need for a highly qualified labour force. For example, engineers are needed for the design of complex products and manufacturing processes that, due to the predominance of single and small batch production, qualified machine operators and workers are equally required. Manufacturing depth, as measured by the share of value added of total production, is higher for ME.

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  • Despite the standard definitions noted above, accurate identification of the causes of maternal deaths is not always possible. It can be a challenge for medical certifiers to attribute correctly cause of death to direct or indirect maternal causes, or to accidental or incidental events, particularly in settings where deliveries mostly occur at home. While several countries apply the ICD-10 in civil registration systems, the identification and classification of causes of death during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium remain inconsistent across countries.

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  • Contrary to the belief of many people, the health, safety and socioeconomic problems attributable to alcohol can be effectively reduced. Many evidence-based alcohol policies and prevention programmes are shown to work. One of the most effective is raising alcohol prices by raising taxes. This has the added benefi t of generating increased revenues. A recent analysis of 112 studies on the effects of alcohol tax increases affi rmed that when taxes go up, drinking goes down, including among problem drinkers and youth.

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  • This is a corrected version of the first (and only) edition of the text, published by in 1984 by Springer-Verlag as Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 278. It is available only on the internet, at the locations given on the title page. All known errors have been corrected. The first chapter has been partially revised and supplemented with additional material. The later chapters are essentially as they were in the first edition. Some additional references have been added as well (discussed below).

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