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  • Microsoft Visual C# is a powerful but simple language aimed primarily at developers creating applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It inherits many of the best features of C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic but few of the inconsistencies and anachronisms, resulting in a cleaner and more logical language. With the advent of C# 2.0 in 2005, several important new features were added to the language, including generics, iterators, and anonymous methods. C# 3.

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  • With every release of Visual Basic, Microsoft has added new functionality to enhance the applications that can be created. Visual Basic 6 took the first real step toward a client/server development tool that could create robust Windows applications. This newest release of Visual Basic, titled Visual Basic .NET, makes the jump from a mostly Windows-based application system to a truly dynamic development environment that allows you to design both Windows and Web-centric applications.

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  • Developing Secure Applications with Visual Basic first provides you with an understanding of encryption, and then guides you through adding security features to your own applications using the Microsoft CryptoAPI, and the new security features of Windows 2000. Developers who have been confused by the high-end, academic style of other encryption books and cryptography theory will delight with Chapman's understandable style and hands-on methods.

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  • (BQ) There are many contents in this book: Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine, Selecting and Using Sewing Tools, Fabrics, Lining, Interlining, and Interfacing, Hand Sewing, Basic Techniques, Sewing Seams and Seam Finishes, Making Darts, Sewing Facings and Edge Finishing, Sewing in ZippersAdding, Adding Fasteners, Hemming Techniques, Warm-Up Sewing Projects, More Sewing Projects, Using a Purchased Pattern, Expanding Your Horizons.

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  • Thêm Controls Mẫu các Cho đến nay bạn đã tạo ra một hình thức, thiết lập một số thuộc tính của nó, và kiểm tra code mà Visual Studio 2005 tạo ra. Để thực hiện các hình thức hữu ích, bạn cần phải thêm các điều khiển và viết một số mã của riêng bạn.

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  • Thêm Menus và chế biến Menu Sự kiện Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 cho phép bạn thêm các trình đơn và các mục trình đơn mẫu theo hai cách. Bạn có thể sử dụng Visual Studio 2005 tích hợp môi trường phát triển (IDE) và biên tập các trình đơn để tạo ra một menu đồ họa.

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  • Organization of This Book This book is divided into nine chapter and includes a separate appendix with suggestions for further reading. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Factors to Consider in Choosing a Solution to a Problem Chapter 3: Testing Chapter 4: Adding Debugging Support Chapter 5: Architecture Chapter 6: Transactions Chapter 7: Business Rules Chapter 8: Data Access Chapter 9: Error Handling and Concurrency Control

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  • The paper describes two improvements in the available three-dimensional (3D) data mode lUrban Data Model (UDM) with surface and body objects. The advantages of these improvements reduce size of data storage; reduce the time cost of data show and visualizing data more realistic than the original model.

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  • Get more of the Critical Mass team's thoughts at our blog: As much as Facebook is a significant part of the marketing mix for many brands, keeping up with Zuckerberg’s constant tinkering with policies, layouts and ad platform is a little overwhelming. While the introduction of Graph Search was met with indifference, the latest changes announced to the News Feed and user Timeline have significantly more implications for Brand Pages. (Less)

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  • AJAX applications make extensive use of JavaScript to manipulate the content and the look and feel of web pages. Web pages should have the DOM loaded before any JavaScript code tries to perform any such modification on it. This recipe will explain how to execute the JavaScript after the content has been loaded and the DOM is ready.

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  • FreeMind is the powerful, free mind mapping software used by millions of people worldwide to capture their ideas and communicate them visually. Mind mapping with FreeMind will teach you how to develop different kinds of mind maps to capture and arrange your ideas. You will learn how to combine FreeMind or Freeplane with other free software in order to enhance the mind maps. You will learn to link and share them for use with mobile devices. This provides easy-to-follow instructions to design different types of mind maps according to the needs of teachers and students.

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  • Thiết kế form bằng visual studio. net cho phép chúng ta thiết kế giao diện ứng dụng trực quan bằng cách kéo thả các điều khiển. Bạn có thể điều chỉnh vị trí các điều khiển, thiết lập các thuộc tính thông qua cửa sổ thuộc tính, và tạo các điều kiện cho các điều khiển

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  • The final chapter of the book presents an innovative method for fluid mechanical design in which an object within the flow field is build element-by-element. Each element is introduced into the flow, and its effect on a cost function is minimized with respect to the object’s position. An element may represent added material or a removed part of the existing structure. This chapter presents a strong degree of mathematical formality.

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  • Excel programming has many contents: getting started with excel macros, using the visual basic editor, VBA programming basics, working with the excel object model, using variables and arrays, adding control statements,...

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  • Để đảm bảo rằng AD của sự chú ý được tập trung vào các chữ cái trình bày, chúng tôi yêu cầu của mình để báo cáo, ở cuối mỗi khối, số lượng trình bày. Trước đó electroencephalography não đồ (EEG) và từ não đồ (MEG) nghiên cứu cho thấy rằng phản ứng với vật liệu orthographic

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  • Adding Menus and Processing Menu Events Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 lets you add menus and menu items to a form in two ways. You can use the Visual Studio 2005

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  • Scientists have long relied on the power of imaging techniques to help them see things invisible to the naked eye and thus advance scientific knowledge. In medicine, X-ray imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have added a level of insight beyond traditional lab tests into the workings of the human body and identification of disease at its earliest stages. Microscopy, which has been in use since the sixteenth century, is now powerful enough to detect, identify, track, and manipulate single molecules on surfaces, in solutions, and even inside living cells....

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  • Economic and government “uncertainty” continues to mar recovery efforts. These areas of uncertainty trigger anxiety among consumers, investors, and business owners alike. The degree to which “uncertainty” negatively impacts the small-business economy generates much de- bate, prompting the addition of two new problems, “Uncertainty over Economic Conditions” and “Uncertainty over Government Actions.” “Uncertainty over Economic Conditions” is one of the six new problems added to the survey this year.

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  • Now updated for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, this guide delivers in-depth technical information on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 greatly improves on IPv4, the current protocol, by vastly increasing the number of available addresses and by adding enhancements for security, multimedia traffic management, routing, and network configuration. Written by a popular author and networking expert, this reference details the protocol, from its features and benefits to its packet structure and protocol processes.

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  • To help you specialized culture and art have added references in the process of learning and study. Invite you to consult the lecture content "Visual motion". Each of your content and references for additional lectures will serve the needs of learning and research.

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