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  • Peter Ashe is an information consultant with NHS Scotland (National Services). He first published on ‘Recording, ethics and data protection’ in New Information Technology in Management and Practice (Horobin, G. and Montgomery, S. [eds], Kogan Page, 1986). As a member of the Association of Directors of Social Services Information Management Group (1983-2004) he contributed to most of the UK national initiatives in this area.

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  • Moreover, we will present estimates for different scenarios – of slow and rapid adoption of the new technology – that should cover the range of possible out- comes with a good approximation. Third and last, our approach neglects some of the positive effects exerted by the introduction of cloud computing, mainly the cre- ation of new network effects and the positive externalities due to energy savings. Their consideration would be subject to excessive uncertainty, but because of this we can look at our estimates of the impact of cloud computing on the economy as conservative estimates.

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  • The reduction in fixed ICT spending is gradually exploited by the new and exist- ing firms, and the speed of adoption of the new possibility remains an unknown variable for us. It will depend on a number of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors and on policymaking as well. Moreover, it will be characterized by impor- tant strategic complementarities: adoption for a single firm is crucial if many firms are expected to adopt it, but it is not if they are not, which means that multiple equilibria could emerge (with slow or rapid adoption and with limited or deep adoption).

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  • A key factor for the impact of cloud computing is the size of fixed cost savings. The business literature emphasizes large savings. Dubey and Wagle (2007) conjec- ture large reductions in the cost of ownership for typical business services. 19 Carr (2003) suggests that about half of capital expenditure of modern firms is ICT re- lated. While this maybe true in a number of sectors and for advanced companies, we prefer to adopt a more conservative assumption for our macroeconomic investi- gation.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Multi-level analysis of electronic health record adoption by health care professionals: A study protocol

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  • Memes, or culturally shared pieces of media, are passed between people using the available communications methods of the day. The advent, and eventual widespread adoption of the internet has changed the memescape in critical ways, allowing for interactive and highly vivid mediums, new methods of sharing and distribution, and a lasting record.

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  • For the earthquake motion level 1, the elastic limit the value of a structure is usually adopted seismic activity. For Level 2 earthquake motion, on the other hand, the limit value that a structure does not collapse or repair through the seismic activity depends on the importance of intended structure. Level 2 earthquake motions are used for verification is based on the records of strong motion seismograms obtained from the Hyogoken Nanbu earthquake and the other, and seismic waveform types are assigned according to the ground....

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  • Digital television is being widely adopted for various applications ranging from high-end applications, such as studio recording, to consumer applications, such as digital cable TV and digital DBS (Direct Broadcasting Satellite) TV. For example, several digital video tape recording standards, using component format (D1 and D5),

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  • Electronic Medical Records Our growing reliance on computers and the strength of information technology are playing an increasingly important role in medicine. Laboratory data are accessed almost universally through computers. Many medical centers now have electronic medical records, computerized order entry, and bar-coded tracking of medications. Some of these systems are interactive and provide reminders or warn of potential medical errors. In many ways, the health care system has lagged behind other industries in the adoption of information technology.

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  • The absence of coordinated systems for data collection and record-keeping and the maintenance of databases for the livestock sector, including a mechanism for feedback and exchange among the stakeholders for development of livestock-related policies have been identified as a major constraint for many countries in SAP. Such data recording, even on a limited scale, is critical for genetic improvement of livestock.

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  • Asmentioned in the introduction, the information associatedwith an event is represented by a data structure called a notification.We refer to the datamodel or encoding schema of notifications as the event notification model or simply event model. Most existing event notification services adopt a simple record- like structure for notifications, while some more recent frameworks define an object-oriented model (e.g., the Java™ Distributed Event Specification [Sun Microsystems 1998] and the CORBA Notification Service [Object Management Group 1998b]).

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  • Digital television is being widely adopted for various applications ranging from high-end applications, such as studio recording, to consumer applications, such as digital cable TV and digital DBS (Direct Broadcasting Satellite) TV.

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  • Bush wanted to improve on the experience of physical libraries, but realized that the problem “goes deeper than a lag in the adoption of mechanisms by libraries, or a lack of development of devices for their use. Our ineptitude in getting at the record is largely caused by the artificiality of systems of indexing.” An item can only be in one place, and to find it “one has to have rules as to which path will locate it, and the rules are cumbersome. Having found one item, moreover, one has to emerge from the system and re-enter on...

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  • Pursuant to the provision of the Privacy Act of 1974, HUD is providing notice of its formal adoption of a new system of records for the Office of General Counsel (OGC) EDiscovery Management System (EDMS). The OGC discovery productions typically require the preservation, collection and analysis of massive emails, word processing documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, presentations, database entries, and other documents in a variety of electronic file formats, as well as paper records.

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  • The whole of this chapter contains an original record, being a distinct narrative of the discovery of America by COLUMBUS, written by his own son, who accompanied him in his latter voyages. It has been adopted into the present work from the Collection of Voyages and Travels published at London in 1704, by Awnsham and John Churchill, in four volumes folio; in which it is said to have been translated from the original Italian of Don Ferdinand Columbus, expressly for the use of that work.

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  • There are many issues to be considered when selecting physical storage media that extend beyond the immediate and obvious requirements of the situation. This guidance note should assist data creators to make informed decisions based on the ever-changing choices available. The adoption of appropriate storage media for electronic records brings benefits to data creators, data managers and digital archivists. Selection decisions informed by the criteria described in this guidance note will greatly enhance the sustainability of the records created. ...

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  • Insemination skills of 37 inseminators participating in AI programmes supported by the government, farmers’ cooperatives and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were evaluated during 11 December 2001 and 8 May 2002 in 4 batches. Individual inseminators were asked to thaw a straw of frozen semen. The thawing time adopted by the inseminators and the temperature of the water used were recorded. They were then asked to simulate an insemination by depositing gentian violet dye in the genital tracts removed from slaughtered cows.

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  • The first serious efforts to estimate the number of new and existing cancer cases in a given population were made at the turn of the century in various European countries. In Germany, an attempt was made in 1900 to register all cancer patients who were under medical treatment. Questionnaires were sent to every physician in the country to record the prevalence of cancer on 15 October 1900 (Anon., 1901). The same approach was adopted between 1902 and 1908 in Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

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  • It is widely believed that broad adoption of Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR-S) will lead to significant healthcare savings, reduce medical errors, and improve health, effectively transforming the U.S. healthcare system. Yet, adoption of EMR-S has been slow and appears to lag the effective application of information technology (IT)

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  • The general availability of the Health Promotion Programme is ensured by the fact that it was published in the form of a book and schools can order it directly from the publisher (Prague, Portal Publishers 1998). The Ministry of Education adopted the following attitude towards the Health Promotion Programme in Schools: "The strategy of the programme of health promotion in schools is consistent with the educational concept of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and its implementation is supported by the Ministry of Education (recorded under no. 24 028/98-22)".

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