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  • After studying this section, you should be able to: Recognise the different influences on the diffusion of the Internet through society Appreciate the differences in motivations for use, adoption, rejection and non-use of the Internet amongst different members of society Identify the different motivations for using the Internet, and the different types of Internet users. Identify the different motivations for using the Internet, and the different types of Internet users.

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  • Sri Krishnadevaraya University organized a National Symposium on Science in '21 si century' and Annual convention of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences during February, 2008. About 100 delegates participated in the symposium. The present book is a collection of some of the papers presented during the symposium. Only some authors have responded to our invitation. Apart from the symposium articles a few invited articles have also been included in the book. We thank Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences for the support. ...

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  • Academic library directors can have a positive and profound impact on the future of academic print collections by adopting and implementing a deliberate strategy to build and sustain regional print service centers that can meet aggregate demand with aggregate supply. Beyond the obvious operational efficiencies of consolidating low-use, digitized print volumes into shared service collections there is an important strategic advantage to reconfiguring collective inventory that is increasingly devalued as an institutional asset.

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  • Several overarching themes emerged from interviews with stakeholders in the six case-study states regarding issues both internal and external to incentive programs that encourage and discourage the adoption of small-scale renewable energy technologies in their respective states. First, external factors will be discussed; illuminating the backdrop against which these incentive programs operate is important in understanding and assessing program performance.

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  • The ASRM meeting produced evidence that the current oversight of ART could be improved by the addition of insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Such coverage could promote the most medically appropriate procedures and reduce the incidence of multiple births with their accompanying risks and costs. Insurance coverage for infertility could also strengthen existing oversight and quality controls by requiring adherence to ASRM guidelines or performance of ART procedures only at clinics subject to SART standards.

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  • The content of skills-based health education is a clear delineation of specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills, including life skills, that young people will be helped to acquire so they might adopt behaviours or create the conditions described in the objectives. Once the content is delineated, methods are chosen that are most suitable to the content. For example, lectures are suitable methods for helping students acquire accurate knowledge; discussions are suitable for influencing attitudes; and role plays are suitable for developing skills.

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  • The international significance of research into the sources, behaviour, fate, and effects of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is exemplified by the Stockholm Convention for which the host organisation is the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Following extensive negotiation, it was adopted on 22 May 2001, entered into force 90 days after the 50th party had ratified it on 17 May 2004, and by late 2008 there were over 180 participants (

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  • In this paper we present a new approach to controlling the behaviour of a natural language generation system by correlating internal decisions taken during free generation of a wide range of texts with the surface stylistic characteristics of the resulting outputs, and using the correlation to control the generator. This contrasts with the generate-andtest architecture adopted by most previous empirically-based generation approaches, offering a more efficient, generic and holistic method of generator control. ...

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  • As health education and life skills have evolved during the past decade, there is growing recognition of and evidence for the role of psychosocial and interpersonal skills in the development of young people, from their earliest years through childhood, adolescence, and into young adulthood. These skills have an effect on the ability of young people to protect themselves from health threats, build competencies to adopt positive behaviours, and foster healthy relationships.

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  • Consideration should be given to the question of animal welfare before installing new equipment or adopting new husbandry systems. In general, the greater the restriction imposed on an animal and the greater the complexity of the system or the degree of control that is exercised over temperature, air flow, or food supply, the less the animal is able to use its instinctive behaviour to modify the effect of unfavourable conditions and the greater the chance of suffering if mechanical or electrical failure occurs.

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